Hello Everybody, excited to join the Hive!

Greetings Hive-community, I am excited to join and contribute!

Living in beautiful Vienna my offline name is Constantin and I will turn 30 years in a couple of weeks 😊
If it was not for the Corona-situation I would be selling out tickets in the Viennese Bronski and Gruenberg theatre, would continue working as a Yoga-teacher and would keep engaging in the many civil society projects of @opt2o and @globalschool.
Left for me to do right now is home-officing on my PhD in sociology, where I am curios to find out more about the relationship between individual and social transformation. In this research I particularly focus on mindful leaders in social enterprises. However, I not only wish to contribute some of my research to Hive, but some journalistic and personal stories as well.

Particularly during a time of global crisis such as this, discussing ideas about how to transform individually and as a society, some of that in light of blockchain developments, is how I wish to make myself useful to the community. The original sense of the term crisis means nothing else but a turning point, to either breakdown or recovery. Accordingly, crises like the Corona pandemic, climate change or the rising numbers of psychopathologies can be seen as an opportunity. In this I feel the Hive-collective may take a leading role to help transform a global society with critical symptoms, and I want to be a part of it.
Cosmic_web_pillars from esa.int.jpg
“Cosmic web” structure of the universe. Source: European Space Agency; esa.int

If we care to continue living on our planet and if we care to grant our children the same right, a transformation towards a way of seeing and acting as interdependent beings needs to occur. In this respect a “Hive” is a great metaphor and could function as a role model for the way we need to structure our society and interact with our planet. Similar to bees in a bee-hive, which are part of their natural environment, we need to recognize, as a society, that we live in a highly interconnected, decentralized and co-dependent world, and act accordingly.

Btw, if you want to save the bees, support these guys:
save the bees.PNG
Source: fungi.com

I can feel the enthusiasm on the Hive-blockchain and I can´t wait to see how it will develop in the future!
Thanks to @manncpt from Option 2.0 for inviting me to Hive! I am also looking forward to engage with you in the hive austria community & globalschool community founded by @mammasitta

Be kind, live long and prosper 😉

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