Hello Hivers, i am Adekunle Oluwadamilola by name but my username is @realface on the Hive Blockchain. You might be wondering why that username but all i can say is that i don’t fake myself so whatever expression i make through my face is the real me, hence the nickname RealFace lol. I’m from family of four and i happen to be the third child, i have two elder sisters and a junior sister, yes, your guesses are right we don’t have any boy in my family but hopefully one day when i grow up and married i wish to have a son to cover up for that hehe.

Moving on, i’m from Ogun state, Nigeria and i’m 24years old, i’m a believer in Christ and i always try to follow his ways even though i’m not perfect. I like singing, dancing, and making new friends.

My sisters and I🥰

My lovely Mom🥰

One thing about me is that i don’t depend on anybody to live my life, because i always try to put in work to fend for myself and that’s right before i become an adult, i mean before i hit 18years. I said this because unlike most of my friends and other kids out there that has both parents to take care of them, mine wasn’t like that, it’s just my lovely mom that Carter for me and my sisters ever since our dad left us to live his life. So, growing up for me was a struggle because i had to take on multiple contractor jobs to fend for myself and to take care of my mom, because like i said their’s no dad for me to run too because he left me and my sisters so early in our life’s. It’s just a sad story but i know some of you might be able to relate. However, I’ve gone past that, I’ve moved on with life and i know life can’t be fair with everyone, so today i’m proud of who i am and who i’ve become.

Occasionally, i like to sing but i don’t take it too seriously because of my busy schedules at my part time jobs but @wealthwess knows i like singing so he refer me to join Hive Blockchain that there are communities i can make music contents like @vibes @afritunes @music or at @hiveopenmic communities and so on, with probability of being appreciated with my gifts, so i decided today to take a step and give a trial to see if truly what he said was right all along. Although, i am not saying i am a professional singer or any thing like that but i sing to light up my mood most especially when am down in thoughts.

Myself at night duty shift at work

Most importantly, i was told by @wealthwess to always abide by Hive blockchain rules and never engaged into plagiarism, spamming or go over board on any other rules. So, i will always try my best to keep with the rules and never engage with activities that will get me banned or suspended whatsoever. Haven’t said that, i hope to make lots of friends and i mean friends that will help me get settled in no time. So thank you all for stopping by my blog.

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