Visiting Lotte Hotel Saigon During the Lockdown

It was such a challenge to get out of Saigon when the whole city was on lockdown. Since all taxis and app taxis such as Uber and Grab were banned, we had to use motorcycle taxis to take PCR tests or to obtain necessary documents from the consulate. I think it's even harder now because motorcycle taxis were banned a few days after we left.

We thought it would be unreasonable to use a motorcycle taxi to go from home to the airport since we have a lot of luggage. So we called a hotel and asked them if they have pick-up and drop-off services. Thankfully they did provide that service, so we booked a room that we can stay in on the last day in Saigon.



This is the first time I'm visiting Lotte Hotel in Vietnam. They had such a classic and gorgeous lobby. Of course, the lobby was empty and quiet and it made me a little bit sad.



They upgraded our room to the highest floor, they called it VIP room. I don't think I've ever stayed at such a classic hotel like this. Classic but very clean and neat everywhere. I love every single piece of furniture.


They had a huge table with two comfortable chairs, so if you are visiting for business this could be the perfect room.


The bathroom was also very clean and spacious. I had an amazing bath here after a couple of crazy busy days.




I don't think I've ever stayed at Lotte Hotel before but I had such an amazing experience at Lotte Hotel Saigon this time. I'd definitely want to visit other Lotte hotels all around the world.

I have no idea how we could've traveled to the airport without their help...😭 When we can visit Saigon again, I'm certainly going to choose Lotte once more.

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