The best Ramen place in HCMC <Danbo>


After visiting a couple of ramen places in HCMC, I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bit disappointed with the quality. However, my Japanese friends recommended me a place called , and I decided to give it a try!

Danbo is located in Le Than Thon street which is a small Japanese town in HCMC. Le Than Thon is one of my favorite places here, it always makes me feel as if I'm in Japan!! I miss traveling in Japan so much 😭 Can't wait to fly there one day.


I ordered Danbo's basic ramen with a little bit of spicy sauce. I don't usually order Tamago (soft boiled eggs) because somehow I don't really like eggs in my ramen... I just want to taste pure noodles hehe.


We also ordered a small Gyoza and Karaagye (deep-fried chicken) as side dishes. They had so many side dish options which made me so hard to choose one because I wanted to order everything.

Danbo's ramen was extremely good. It was better than any ramen places I've visited in Asia. It tastes almost the same as the ramen you eat in Japan. Even though I liked Gyoza, I think Karaagye was a better choice. I love the Japanese style of deep-fried chicken deep it in mayonnaise!!

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