Lotte Hotel Saigon Room Service & Breakfast


After a short break, we headed to the swimming pool. Of course, not many people were there, but it was open and you could use the pool.



We ordered Legend Burger for dinner as room service. The burger was so huge I couldn't finish at once 😂 I love how they served it with a small bowl of fruits. Oh, I'm going to miss all the tropical fruits from Saigon 😔


The burger was literally the legend, it was the best burger I've had in Saigon FOR SURE!!!! The patty was so juicy, all the vegetables were fresh, the sauce was perfectly sweet.


After the meal, we went to the convenience store located right next to the hotel. It was sooo convenient to buy some drinks and shop for stuff I forgot to buy for my flight.



The last morning in Saigon... somehow this city looked even more beautiful this morning 😢


Actually, I didn't pay for the breakfast since our flight was really early however, Lotte hotel prepared free breakfast for us. They said they thought we're going to need some food before the long flight, how thoughtful are they!

This breakfast saved our lives... I should've expected this but nothing was open at the airport and also the transit airport 😭

Even though it was a very short staying I got so impressed by Lotte. If you can visit here don't forget to try their legend burger hehe ;)

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