Ceramic Hunting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


What's your favorite kind of shopping? I get excited the most when I shopping for kitchen stuff 😁 Especially, I like to buy dishes or plates when I travel abroad. I'd love to collect all the exotic dishes from all over the world one day when I can travel freely again.


I visited Tuhu Ceramic shop a few days ago because I wanted to buy some Vietnamese-looking rice bowls and soup bowls. Tuhu ceramic shop was located far away from the main street of Thao Dien, and it was in the middle of the construction zone 😆 Me and my cap driver were confused about finding the ceramic shop. It's a little bit difficult to find so when I found it felt like I found an oasis 😆😆😆



How beautiful these ceramics are!! 😍 I wanted to buy everything...!!!


But I can't buy everything so I had to chose only a few items, and it was too hard to choose since all the ceramics were so beautiful.

I chose two rice bowls and two soup bowls and one ceramic pot. I see a lot of Vietnamese restaurants serve fried rice or soup in this cute-looking pot so I always wanted to have one. I'm so excited to cook some Vietnamese dishes and serve them with these cute ceramics.

I think I'm going back to the Tuhu ceramic shop so I can get more dishes 😍

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