My introductory post on the Hive blog

Hello all Hive Blockchain user friends from around the world.
This is my introductory post here, after a few days ago a friend @nasseir introduced me hive blog.

I'm interested in what he explained about hive, about how hive blockchain works. But what really interests me is. In hive we can connect with many people from various countries, that is very good in my opinion, with many friends, it means that we will be able to learn a lot from what we will read later in the posts of our friends on hive.

Besides being able to connect with many people, at hive we can also share various things about activities, hobbies, creativity and education with many people.

Those are some of the things that I caught from my friend's explanation that brought me here, so I was interested and finally decided to join hive blog.

But before I explore hive blog any further, now I would like to first introduce myself to all my friends


My name is Raihanil Jannah, from Indonesia. I am 22 years old and currently working in a government agency in our area. I am a woman who likes to eat, travel and spend a lot of time in nice and fun places to visit.

Talking about what will be the focus of my next post here, of course the main thing that is part of my post is something related to my hobbies and daily activities.

Content related to travel, food and exploring tourist attractions will be part of my next post on the hive platform.

That's a little about introducing myself here, I hope to get a lot of advice and support from all my friends, and hopefully I get a warm welcome from all hive blog users.

Before we come to the end of my introductory post, I will show you some of the selfie pictures I took at several tourist locations when I traveled to these interesting places.

Thus my introduction here. Thank you for stopping by and welcoming me well.

Greetings beginners and see you soon.

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