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Do you know who you are? 🧤

Hello Hivers 😊❤️.

I recently started reading book a book titled
"PUT YOUR DREAMS TO THE TEST" by John C. Maxwell and firstly I want to appreciate the author for his simplicity and knowledge.
I just concluded the second chapter of the book few hours ago and I must say he passed an extremely powerful message with so much clarity.

In the course o reading the second chapter of the book, I got stuck on a question the writer asked. The question is " Tell me 5 things you like about yourself ?" When I saw it at first, I smiled because I felt it was a very easy question but I couldn't answer it, I thought about it and realized that I didn't really know at least five things about my self that I love.
Let me just add that I don't think the writer was talking about physical features, I think he was talking about characteristics and qualities that we possess and genuinely admire.


I know that I love myself, and I would not want to harm myself or desire any bad thing for myself, I know I am a good person but I wasn't really aware of the certain qualities that I genuinely admired in myself.
This resulted in deep thinking. The first thing I did was get a pen and paper, and I wrote down all the qualities I think I have, they maybe more but I don't see it.
What I realized after doing it is that, there is alot you don't know about yourself unless you deeply evaluate your character.

This got me thinking, alot of people don't know who they really are, of course you know that you love blue color but why?
What is the reason behind your attraction to blue. You may know that you love gardening and flowers but are you aware of the reason? Yes you can sing and you love music but why not something else?


The more we answer the why questions in our lives we become rooted deeper and deeper in our sense of identity. We become more conscious of the forces that compel and repel us, our strengths and weaknesses, we become more aware of our dreams and aspirations, we begin to see the picture of our future clearer and get more inspired and driven to work towards achieving our goals because we are certain that we possess qualities that are exceptional, amazing and we really love that about ourselves because the truth is we are extraordinary and we have all it takes to be great.


So if you love yourself enough, I want you to think about this questions.
"What are the five things you love about yourself ?".
"Do you even love yourself?"
These questions can only be answered through deep reflective thinking, so take your time and find out who you are.

Thank you for reading my post ❤️❤️

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