A Small Gathering

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I had a sublime Saturday with a small group of my friends. There would have been more people but due to the situation with Covid-19, each household is only allowed five guests. So, five guests there were. Six in the gathering including the host.

Once again, it was my friend, Ernest who hosted the gathering. Some of you will remember - Ernest is an artist and a wonderful chef. He has hosted many lunches and dinners for us.

Lunch started at 1 pm with smoked duck and orange salad.

For the main course, there was...

Chicken with bacon, mushrooms and olives in red wine sauce. The chicken was tender and perfect.

Pan fried scallops with butter...

Buttered fragrant rice with spices.

It was a lovely lunch. Every dish was cooked to perfection.

For dessert there was strawberries and jackfruit.

There was also a mixed cheese platter with crackers, nuts and raisins

As we nibbled on the cheese and accompaniment, sipping red wine and whisky, we talked about what's going on in the world, and more importantly in our lives. There were a couple of revelations.

There was a slight pause after the cheese before someone suggest ice cream and cake for afternoon tea.

The chatter continued as we munched on tit bits. There were lots of ribbing and friendly banter. And amidst the banter and chit chat, time slipped us by. Soon, it was time for dinner.

Ernest excused himself to cook a light meal of noodles for us. Although we were ready to eat, we weren't feeling that hungry, after all the nibbles. So, a light meal of noodles was perfect.

Noodles tossed with braised mushrooms and pork in dark soya sauce. It was one of the best noodles I had.

We sat around and chatted a bit more before finally calling it a night at about a quarter past time - after polishing off a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Chivas Regal.

Needless to say, we all had a wonderful time / day together. And we look forward to the next gathering. Hopefully, by then Covid-19 situation will have improved and more people are allowed in a gathering.


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