Introductory Post

What's to say? I am an anonymous coward compared to others who dare to share their personal information online. The threat of doxxing in a world of the kind we are in is a significant threat to consider. I will remain antonymous as a result.

Hive seems like an great place. There is a lot of content out there. Not that I'm interested in much of it. But nonetheless, the idea of maybe making some money to post is interesting and highly attractive. You don't get that from Facebook or Twitter. Only YouTube eventually offers monetary rewards for reaching certain thresholds.

I am disheartened by the suppression of information and censorship that has been occurring. When did free speech become so reviled? People have become so fragile to the oppositional information and opinions. I hope Hive and the blockchain tech helps limit this attitude.

I see too many cults operating. They may not be physical in terms of their operational nature with an organized front to look at. But they are cults: cults of the mind. These cults keep people attached to certain ideologies that limit their ability to see what is really happening, to see reality. They are conditioned to hold onto their cult and can't seem to let go.

I'm going to try to expose the cult mindset that entrap us and have us cling onto. They are so deeply entrenched in our psyche. But maybe, just maybe, some breadcrumbs will get some people asking questions, doubting their beliefs, and maybe choosing to Quit Their Cult!


When people are killing free speech. When people don't care about what is real or true. When people don't care about freedom. When people try to criminalize, oppress, or get people fired for thinking differently and not harming others. That's a big problem.

We are heading towards a society of less freedom. Cults of the mind are to blame. We are heading towards more control and tyranny. And people can't see it or don't care. Well, maybe some breadcrumbs can help people care about the bigger picture and turn the tide towards great freedom in our lives. Stay tuned.