Hive Meet Up and Mentorship with OCD's Onboarded Members

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In order to ensure sustainable engagements and collaboration in my newfound Hive communities, I always make it a point to provide constant feedback and regular mentoring opportunities.

At the onset, the first-ever Hive Onboarding seminar and the regular get-together events I organize with the group are avenues where I catch up with members, discuss their concerns, and provide much-needed input regarding some technical skills and know-how needed to succeed in the Hive platform.

Despite the challenges of existing restrictions for public gathering and given the yet again increasing cases of Covid-19 here in Cebu city, I managed to carefully organize and meet with some members last August 21st, 2021 at Mr. A’s, one of the Cebu’s more popular restaurants in Nevil Hills, Lahug, Cebu City.

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The place was relatively near to my place so I thank @sassycebuana for recommending it. It has a nice overlooking view of the City and it provides ample seats for alfresco dining, which makes it a more ideal place to gather and dine. I initially thought of meeting them at Marco Polo hotel, one of the nicest top-tier hotels in Cebu city, but since current restrictions in the City (MECQ) prohibits public gathering for closed spaces like hotels, I opted to choose a nearby restaurant, which has more open spaces and is comfortable for everyone.

Catching up with Rica’s Group

For this quick chat and dine, I invited Rica’s (@sassycebuana) group to spend a nice afternoon at Mr. A’s. It’s been a month since we last met and we were all eager and excited to finally see each other to catch up on how we are all fairing in the Hive platform. Although only a few could make it due to busy the schedule and the MECQ restrictions: @jongcl @eeventuree @swaycanete and @morenatravels, the breezy alfresco dining area of Mr. A’s makes a perfect spot for this quick catching up.


I want to give @morenatravels a shout-out for taking her time to be with us even if it meant closing her tea shop for the day. Such commitment is something all members, I hope, should aspire for.

While waiting for the food, everyone shared their experience in Hive as well as some of their personal backgrounds. And I realized how amazing my members are-- a family of creative minds! They each help each other to pursue their own dreams and goals. I recommend you read their stories and be inspired by how this family bond as one. I’m quite certain you will be motivated to work with talented individuals as I am motivated daily while I work with them.


After some quick bites, I made it a point to clarify and re-introduce to @sassycebuana’s group some salient features, reminders, and know-how about the Hive platform.

While I constantly share reminders and instructions in our social media chat rooms, I always feel that seeing them and sharing inputs to them in person is much more effective than a chat message that will eventually just get lost on the thread. Among others, I highlighted these important technical inputs especially for new hive members:

  • Backing up Hive Keys through offline storage.

  • Email Protection and security measures for external transactions outside Hive.

  • Introduction of roles of Witnesses, @OCD Witness, and how to cast a vote.

  • Introduction of @OCD’s incubated communities.

  • Emphasizing the Value of Hive vis-a-vis stock market investing in the Philippines.

  • Clarification of the difference between reward and upvote in Hive.

Now, each of these technical topics deserves a single blog entry for me to completely elaborate on them in detail. This will of course entail that I hire some brilliant graphic artists to help me congest these topics and present them in more palatable form so they are easily understood, specially by new members. I’m just so lucky that I have within my Hive communities a few talented people to help me accomplish this.

I also shared my plan of gathering the team for a Hive Halloween Party and an open invitation for this year’s First Hive Cebu Christmas Party! This will be further discussed soon with the whole team and will keep the whole community posted (wink).

Lastly, and perhaps the more important part of the meeting, was the Q & A session after my input. Expectedly, most of the questions pertain to the rewards mechanism of Hive such as the difference between Hive, Hive Power, and Hive Back Dollar (HBD) as well as some questions about upvoting comments.

To end my input, I discussed our process in on-boarding new members using the OCD VIP link. I emphasized how we will soon require introduction posts and at least three original pre-made blog entries to make sure that they will actually build their profiles and pages. Also, before signing up, I suggested that aspiring members must first take time to read and review some preliminary materials (sent to them through email) about Hive so they get introduced properly and manage their expectations about the platform even before they sign up. This will also be one of the highlights for my next meeting with @gerel and @explorewithsasha’s group soon.

Among others, these small gestures of reminders and constant feedback are crucial elements in making our newfound Hive community grow. Growing financially in this platform is rewarding enough if one invests time and effort in it. In my own little way, I try, as much as possible, to constantly remind my community to stay grounded on this commitment.

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