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My 4th year on blockchain marks an important milestone in my role as a passionate hive advocate. The earning opportunities that I was able to optimize through years of investing time and effort on various blockchain platforms were always meant to be shared. And for years now, I was always on the lookout for creative and awesome folks who will not only benefit financially from blockchain but who will also help develop the content and engagements in the platform.

As I shared earlier, I managed to introduce creative and passionate people to Hive through our 1st Hive On-boarding Seminar. From that day alone, 16 people registered as members, and to this day, they remain active and engaged members of our newfound local Hive community here in Cebu.

Quality over Numbers

Surprisingly, as our community started to build presence, which I made sure would be noticed through social media groups, I received a number of inquiries and requests from curious people wanting to join in. While the thought of drastically increasing our number is tempting, I consciously stepped back and gave it some more time since one of my cardinal rule as Hive advocate is to always prioritize quality over numbers, to make sure that I am on-boarding the right people, willing and able to help Hive develop, while earning passively on the side.

As such, I spent much of my time the past month, assisting and managing newbies on Hive to make sure they remain active, engaged, and earning. To do this, I started forming social media groups as “Hive Motivators” to keep them posted and updated. There’s one for “Hive Cebu Support Group” and another for “Hive Post/Blogs Curation”.

Hive Motivators

Using these two groups, I experimented with various fun activities and tasks that will keep new members updated to the know-hows of the Hive space, to help them initially boost their presence, and more importantly to keep them motivated and inspired to constantly improve their presence. After several attempts at various activities, here are some of the BEST TIPS that I find effective:

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Encourage Collaboration

As the more seasoned member in the Hive platform, @acidyo has given this initiative of delegating some tasks to some members of my team and those who shows leadership role in our newfound community. At first, I find this personally tasking since even before, I am not really much of a go getter and people person. I have always been an introvert, preferring the company of a few close friends and enjoying time with my partner, whose personality is the same as mine.

But as I grew in the Hive space, I gradually changed to being open to engaging with people, even with strangers. I realized that this actually helped me improve my presence as I started working & collaborating with people who gave me new insights into many things I would have not engaged into had I remained aloof.

This is why the very first order of business in our Hive community is always to BUILD A TEAM OF COLLABORATORS, of people who are good at what they do but who are equally good at working with people who are experts in other areas. Teamwork is always a crucial constant in developing successful ventures. And I make it a point to apply the same in our group.

The 1st on-boarding seminar last July 3rd, 2021 was a proof of this. The success of the event was due in part to the synergy of various talented people who contributed to make it a success. And hiring professional graphic designers and layout artists; @enrique89, @eddiespino, & @samgiset prepared the first slide, infographics, and creatives for promotion. @aussieninja for doing the research for my second slide show presentation. @gerel did the leg work for the crafts and freebies. @kristianjason for documentation and minutes for the event, while the rest of the staff and crew of R&R Urban Cafe made sure that we had a comfortable venue and some sumptuous snacks and meals.

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Today, we apply the same collaborative energy in curating daily posts and improving contents of members. While most are initially individually working on their stories and content to start off, I encourage collaboration in content in order to develop diversity and uniqueness in their individual posts, which means better curation points and rewards. To do this, I encourage members with exceptional creative talents such as those that are layout and graphics artists, effective content writers, photographers and production editors, and even vlogger members of our community to be open to helping other members improve their content.

Soon, I am hoping to see more diverse creatives among the blog entries of our members as a result of these collaborative efforts.

Inspire Leadership Roles

Collaboration is only effective and efficient when there are passionate leaders taking the helm and steering the community to the right direction. Initially, I single-handedly assumed this role at the onset. Now, after weeks of introduction, some fun fellowship gathering such as Zumba party at my place, & individual meetings, I am positively seeing some people taking responsibility and manning certain roles that I can’t personally take on now for lack of time.


@sassycebuana and her siblings; @jongcl, @swaycanete, and @eeventuree, are making great impression as point person for our creatives group. @sassycebuana is effectively monitoring blogs and posts for curation to be submitted on "OCD's onboarded-curation room". She, her sibling, @jongvl, and my first onboarded friend, @itsmiessyonpeakd are showing great potential of possibly leading our content writing area. Aside from @sassycebuana's group, @explorewithsasha, @itsmiessyonpeakd, and @intoy.bugoy are doing great at engagement.


If on-boarding new members was a tasking job at first, developing leaders from among new members was doubly challenging. First of, I needed to show them consistent passion and dedication on my part in order to inspire leadership among them.

I managed to do this with a few tricks up my sleeve like some simple but regular and consistent raffle draws for most entries for the week or some reward mechanism for the best blog post with most upvote for the month. Of course, our now regular mini-gatherings at my place where I treat members to some fun activities and sumptuous snacks and treats are good reminders that I am as much as passionate and dedicated as they all should aspire to be. All of this are funded by me and if that doesn’t show commitment, nothing else can (wink emoji).

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Learn New Things Daily

Lastly, as leaders and collaborators, our common marching order is always to LEARN NEW THINGS DAILY. The Hive platform itself is a potent space for learning and collaboration. This is why the only way to succeed in this venture is to always be open to new knowledge and new people.

My daily updates and engagements with my community ensure that I cultivate this learning and collaborative culture among members. Regularly, I provide relevant inputs from how to layout posts, when to curate and upvote, as well as how to manage earnings and get various rewards. Also, I tap into other experts in the bigger Hive community such as @ybanezkim26, @thegaillery, & @indayclara to provide fresh and expert tips on various topics about the ins and outs of the platform. These, among others, have proven very helpful in getting new members started, informed, and motivated about the promising prospects of being on Hive.

Sustaining Success

To date, these steps and tips are gradually enriching the experiences and prospects of our newfound Hive community. It’s been just more than a month since I officially launched this venture when @acidyo invited me to join his "OCD's Onboarding Program" and I am beyond grateful that he trusted me in on-boarding these new talented people. And so far, our members’ energy and efforts had been both promising and rewarding.

But the challenge remains: How do we sustain these efforts and energy? Might these be just some honeymoon phase successes?

The three (3) guiding rules above will guarantee consistency in our efforts and make sure that our community lasts for the long haul. And that I assure you!


Now, for the contest, this is super easy as you all know I like to make things less complicated so everyone can join in. Here's how to join:

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Comment Contest:

In four words, what is Hive to you? Write your answer in the comment box.
Ex: Hive is my HOME. (P.s. there is no right or wrong answer).

How to pick the winner:

I Will pick 5 winners through (I will go live on my Instagram account to show transparency of this contest). Winners will receive 5 Hive each.

End of contest is on:

August, 21, 2021 at 14:55
Winners will be announced on the 22nd of August.

Thank you to @foxkoit for sponsoring 5 Hive for this contest!


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