My new path (Hive Introduction)

Oh Yes, family is great and we can find it in many ways. This is yet another new journey in my life. A writer who has never experienced what crypto social media decentralized blogging is, is trying for the first time. I hope I swim well because I just dived in. Well, let’s see more about myself first.

Kamil Bamanpong is my name, and hail from Bimbilla in the northern part of Ghana. A town is known for its natural soil that we use for farming. (Will talk about it later - Just whetting your appetite). I am a young man in my 20s. I can be described as a dark-skinned guy with a lot of radiating handsomeness.

I started school in Bimbilla at Our Lady of Peace. A journey that started with the great pleasure of being a different version of myself. I wanted to also take the path that will make me different. Later in my life, I attended Islamic science Senior High School in Tamale where I pursued General Science. It was a great place where I found a home. That little boy who had the vision to impact change could now do it. I mean I did it. I was the smallest to contest in the Senior Boys Prefect position in the school. Many doubted my win but I did the grounds work and proved to them that everything lies in the mind, not the body. It was a great adventure, which is part of how well I have grown.

Now to my University journey; when universities are mentioned in Ghana, the University of Ghana stands out and I made it there. I studied Biological Sciences (biology option). It was a great choice for me and I took that path religiously. My schooling was not only for the classroom but for learning leadership as well. I make a step into the Dagbon Students Association leadership race. An Association that was about losing grip. I went in for Presidency and won. It was now a turn to prove people who said it was going to collapse under my tenure wrong. I stood for the task and brought people on board like that my dear brother @abdul01. He stood by me in all his works to make the association appealing again. This is a story I will share maybe to this blockchain one day. But now let’s go future! I graduated this year and I’m currently a national service personnel.

Many things may have been going through your mind about my leadership obstacles. I don’t see them to be that worrying because for us to grow we have to go through all of those to stand firm. I came to the hive family with the news from my dear brother @abdul01. He told me a lot about it. As I said, I’m new to everything but wish to grow and learn to improve.

My work

Aside from being a writer and engaging with people online, I have a special work that I will add to the hive ecosystem. I am a graphic designer. I do my best possible to give people the best of the work they ask of me. As I write, @abdul01 and I just participated in one and we’re hoping for good results. I will be sharing the link for us to go check our design out.Link to contest post So, as and when you need me on a business scale on hive, hit me up let’s make the design family of hive proud.

I won’t say I’m multitalented but I will say I have gone through a lot to survive. Life can beat us in all ways but we have to find a way to stand and face it each time it faces us. I am a farmer too. I don’t joke with the farm. In my hometown where the soil is good for the cultivation of yam, I don’t joke. I take my chances to also do my best aside school. So, I will say I am a student, a designer, and a farmer. My farming scale is small for now because I haven’t settled but I think when I’m done with some studies, I will stand firm and be a commercial farmer. Maybe I can win the best farmer award one day. Ha-ha.

@prof15 and @abdul01

This is me and I am here to make a story here in the hive family. I hope we will journey well as we move, grow, learn, and motivate others in humanity. Hive on family. Thanks for the welcome.

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