hello, hivers πŸ‘‹ how was your weekend?, well mine was pretty cool 😎 and filled with some fun activities that I decided to share with you.

The fun started on Friday when I got invited by one of my little friends ( I have quite a few of those 😁 ) to attend his schools Xmas party πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί which is usually an end of year party organized by schools to celebrate with the students before school vacates for the Christmas holidays.

πŸ€” I did have somewhere else to be later than Friday but I just had to show up even if I wouldn't be able to stay through the celebrations πŸ‘Œ which was what I did.

This is master GREAT πŸ€— my little friend and one of the students who invited me to the party πŸ˜„

The school is called PERFECT STEPS nursery and primary school and I will be sharing some bits and snaps from its 2021 Christmas party.

The theme for the party was "Culture" which meant all the kids had to come dressed in their traditional cultural outfits representing some of the tribes in Nigeria.

This was a section of the students presenting a Christmas carol with my little GREAT leading the pack as its main singer 🎢🎀


Next to perform was a group of little angels from the KG 1 class πŸ₯°πŸ₯° They were supposed to recite some poems πŸ€”πŸ€” things don't always work out as planned lol at least not all the time.

What was the poem???

That look of surprise when It seemed EVERYONE had forgotten what poems they were supposed to recite πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ .

Does anyone remember???

I don't know about anyone else there but this group was my favorite of the day, too cute πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with this situation πŸ₯΄ which was part of the reason one of the princesses ended up in tears.


Can't imagine the disappointment she was feeling to know her entire class forgot their performance 😒😭 It was just too much for her to handle πŸ₯Ί


In the end, the crying princess abandoned ship and left the rest of the class to their fate as she ran off to seek comfort from her mom πŸ˜‰ luckily the class teacher saved the day by reciting the poems herself while the kids just clapped along 🀣🀣🀣 #NiceSave

There was also a spelling bee, a debate competition with the topic "is a boy child or girl child more useful in the home" πŸ€” which reminds me i never did find out the result of that debate smh good luck to whoever had to judge that one and also a news segment where two of the kids played presenters and shared some of the trending news with the guests.

There was a choreography dance as well and it was clear to everyone present that the little girl in front didn't come to play πŸ’―


These kinds were truly a talented bunch and watching them dance with that carefree smile makes me wonder what it would feel like to relive that age.

The next group to perform were these two little angels who sang 'Silent Night', got to love how cute they looked in this dress up πŸ’―

Princesses singing a Christmas carol

Afterward, it was time for some more singing and dancing, and this time the kids presented a cultural dance showcasing the Igbo culture 🀩

Dance in motion? lol pretty much πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

And they went down even lower πŸ₯³

That was quite a dance I'm telling you πŸ˜‰ and the follow-up to this act was another cultural performance this time showcasing the rich culture of the itsekiri people from the niger delta region from their dressing to language.


Above was one of the children giving a recitation in the local language dressed in complete traditional regalia.

Afterward was a competition called DRESSING TO SCHOOL where the kids have on shorts and singlets with their uniforms, socks, and shoes placed in front of them.

The task was at the go signal each child runs to his or her pile of clothes and puts each of them on just like they are preparing for school, the winner is the kid who dresses up the fastest and must have put on all pieces of items correctly.


At the end of the day, she won this particular contest for making the best time and showing that yes she was capable of dressing herself up for school without assistance πŸ‘ good job.


Around this time I needed to leave the party so didn't catch the rest of it 😊 but I had loads of fun and it felt good to celebrate with the children, share in their joys and watch them showcase their talents πŸ‘Œ

A pic with Master GREAT before I had to say my goodbye πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Ps: All photos are mine taken with my mobile phone and edited.


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