How was your new job?

Oh hi!


Well, my first week of work has been a week of ups and downs! I haven't felt productive at all, but people keep telling me that's normal. I have felt overwhelmed and as though I can't ever get there and I have had a few moments of familiarity "Hey, I think I can definitely learn that!".

I might write more about it if I can ever get my head on straight again. Once I sort through all of the mess and different feelings. Once I am able to think again. Once my head isn't filled up to the brim.

For now though, I want something else. I need something else. I need YOU to tell me how your first day / week / month at your new job(s) was/were. How easy / hard it was. How long it took you to feel like you belonged. I just need your experiences.

Give me some reference points. Tell me what's normal. I could use the examples.


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