Hi, knock knock😇,I am new on hive, and i want to make an introduction about myself....Do well to Follow up closely😙

I am Ogbebuno Victor Ufuoma, A Nigerian and a native of Delta state, I grew up in the city of ibadan, Oyo state, where i got to meet many friends and as usual growing up to play wit toys, crying to my parent uncessarily, lol...

Regularly as it is for everyone , childhood was really one of the times in our lives where we literally had no worries,and we had lots of fun🤗, I wish i had a few of my pictures while i was a kid, Indeed i would say Many of us wish those times came back.
I hope you did too, lol..

Presently, I am 20years of age and would be 21 years in a few weeks time, HURRAY!!!, I am so so happy!, You want to see how i look like ???

There you go!...


I am an adventerous person and i really love travelling. So far in Nigeria, there are about 36 states, and i have been to a few of them, i have been to Ogun state, Ekiti state, Lagos state(Formal capital of Nigeria), Delta state, and of course FCT Abuja(The present capital state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).

I took this particular picture about 3 years ago, while i was travelling to te Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Asides travelling, to some extent, i love taking pictures, And i love taking pictures because i feel there is more beauty to objects, Living things and material than they are potrayed, Let me share with you a few pictures

And i hope some day, i would travel outside the walls of Nigeria and Africa and take great pictures there😇.

Of all the things I do, I love making music, I am a Musician, A Pianist to be precise and a Music lover/Addict. I love making music, i love listening to music, i love playing the piano. I also play a few instruments in the ochestral, Like the acoustic guitar, saxophone, the lead and the bass guitar.

Took this picture about 3 months ago, while making music

I have my personal Keyboard,A seven octaved Yamaha digital piano P85 and guess what guys, I named it Kayla ,Like i said i am an addicted music lover and Music means a lot to me, Most especially my baby (Kayla). Take a look

Let me tell you all a few stuffs about KAYLA(My Love).
I love kayla so much and she has helped me improve a lot in my musical skills. And of course has helped my emotions a lot, Let me share this story with you guys, I hope you guys keep it safe, My Girlfriend broke up with me exactly 4 days ago, which got me crying, i loved her with all i had,i really was into her (still into her😞)we shared lots and lots of memories together, I really loved her and still love her, I have been trying to have her back into my life, But she says she doesn't want me again, of which hurts me each time she says that she says she wanted a breakup because She has this new hot guy her friends want her to date, and I have literally been pleading all through the week and she's not even giving positive response. All the times we have been together she claims she loves me, which I know that she did love me.... But the pressure from her friends seems too much for her to handle, I am speaking to a few of my friends which they are helping me out emotionally, but I cant really over emphasize how KAYLA is helping me in this period of emotional breakdown, Whenever I think about the breakup, I go to Kayla and play sorrowfully(getting comfort), Nigerians here says that if your relationship survives the month of
september, then it most likely would survive the year, I never knew mine wouldn't survive the month😞, somehow kayla doesn't make me feel alone, whenever I play the keybaord, the melodies gives me unfathomable happiness, MUSIC really helps in healing soul, and for now, Kayla is helping me a lot emotionally.


I am a student (An Engineering student to be precise) in my Fifth semester, studying Mechanical engineering. I school here in Nigeria, Ogun state to be precise. I chose to study Mechanical engineering because while growing as a kid, I always wanted to know how motor cars and motor cycles are created and how they work, so I made up my mind while growing to become a mechanical engineer and still in the process, I hope someday to further my study outside the walls of Africa sooner.

And like you all know how college life is, The independence, the freedom, the new friends and all, and of course the new things you get to learn interestingly.


I have a few goals I plan achieving while growing as a man, I hope someday for a stable heart for the masses even in Nigeria, in Africa and the world at general, I have dreams of adding to the growth of technology in Africa As a whole.

I believe in a better WORLD!!!, we all deserve it

A better AFRICA, A better EUROPE, A better ASIA, A better North America, A better South America, A better Australia, A better Antartica!

Cheers to a better world!!!


Some few months ago, My friend @starstrings01, which is also my college mate here in school, told me about the hive blog of which he told me shallow details about it, So I was naive about it. @starstrings01 is also a musician, A very talented lead guitar player, A few days ago, we were rehearsing together and then we spoke at length, he told me about the hive blog again, but this time around, with proper details, so I was happy knowing about it, I saw it as an opportunity to meet friends with like mind, helping everyone grow together and making the world a better place.

I earnestly hope that I get to meet friends in which we can share ideas together with, Learn from one another and Grow together, in order to make the world a better place.

Thank you all for reading through,
I love you all.

You all can send your regards to Kayla(My Love), I really cant thank her enough.😞


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