Why are the scientist against the corona panic silenced and exiled?

Yes, lots of scientist are against these measures

You probably haven't heard of them. But dozens, maybe hundreds of recognized and published scientists are against the draconic measures that have been taken by most of the governments around the world against the spread of the novel corona virus.
And that is not your fault, you haven't heard of them. They are silenced by their colleagues and the mainstream media that report about the panic. They are placed in exile. And they are not the least, here are a few examples:


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: German specialist in pulmonology, politician and former chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. But now is portrayed by the media as the "Corona rebel".


Dr. John Ioannidis: Ioannidis is a professor of medicine, of health research and policy and of biomedical data science, at Stanford University School of Medicine, he is also professor of statistics and epidemiologist. His area of work suits perfectly to be one of the experts in this pandemic. But he does not agree with the choice for lockdowns and social distancing. Sadly, he does not get any chance to say it in primetime on mainstream media...


Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, German radiologist and chairman of the board of directors of the world medical association. He is strongly against the lockdown of the society, but is therefor strongly criticized by the media and colleagues.

... The list goes on, there are too many to list them all here. But you get the point. These people deserve at least to be heard, but instead of that, the MSM is "protecting" the people against these "horrible" scientists. Because not agreeing with social distancing and lockdown as a solution to this pandemic is clearly criminal... right? I think not!

I hope these people get the word rather sooner than later, because this madness clearly isn't going to stop if we don't act soon as a society!

The Corbett report documents how a lot is manipulated and non-complying voices are silenced

Stay awake, people!



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