Why are protests against the lockdowns silenced in MSM?

There are protests all over the world

You most probably haven't read or heard of them yet, but all over the world people are protesting against the very profound restrictions of our freedom, called lockdowns. From Ohio to North-Carolina in the USA, Pakistan, South-Africa, Australia, to Germany. All over the world people are protesting or trying to protest against this crime against humanity. But so far, the mainstream media hasn't been covering it, or when they cover it, the protesters are portrayed as freak "conspiracy theorists".
The fact alone that this is silenced by all possible canals, is alarming, and shows that the protesters are right in their actions. It is just silenced, because they don't want it to spread. And spread it will, because every day of further lockdown will feed the frustration of people even more. It will hollow out the social nature a human being is, and that eventually will result in an eruption from those same people. Don't be fooled people, these lockdowns are not "the solution" against the pandemic of the corona virus. The numbers from Sweden have already proven that a lockdown is not necessary to keep this virus between the boundries of the acceptable. So what is holding us from massively disobeing these insane rules?

Protests in Michigan

James Corbett on the protests being silenced



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