The stats are rigged!

Corona virus statistics are being manipulated

I know, most people will do this off as just another conspiracy theory. But it is a fact, all over the world countries are propping up the numbers of casualties from the corona-virus. Expect maybe in China, but that's a whole different story.

Iain Davis has proven it, in his latest article on he has very thoroughly examined how the count is done in the United Kingdom and it is quite astonishing. You can find the article here: link


But it is not only happening in the UK, also in Belgium the numbers are rigged. Every casualty that has fallen in a nursing home the last 2 months has been counted as a corona casualty. If there is a doctor that thinks that a certain patiënt that died of a heart attack, also had the novel corona virus, they will put on the death certificate, "COD: Covid-19".
And then there is the USA, there hospitals get granted 35000,00 USD for every person that dies of Covid-19. You can imagine that lots of hospitals are keen on putting that COD on the death certificate.

It is mind boggling what is going on, all over the world. And it is all to justify the completely unnecessary lockdown and the social distancing measures.

Stay awake people, don't drink the cool-aid!



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