How To Make Most of Your Core Gift?

Life is what you make it. Surely you have heard of this line many times in your life. It is a learning curve for someone who can bring an impact to the world by utilizing his/her blogging skill. By far, when the pandemic hits the world, blogging has been one of the sources of income for those whose passion is writing. Anyhow, when it comes to earning online, blogging is just one of the means.


Likewise, about monetization, while browsing my Instagram account, I stumbled into the full tank series of an entrepreneur and preacher himself, bro. Bo Sanchez, wherein he said, that finding our core gift is indeed a blessing so we can bless others as well. He added that it is essential for our growth as an individual. I find it very substantial to actualize my core gift whenever I write. According to Bobbi one of the essential questions to ask on how to find your core gift is, "When do you feel the most alive?


I feel that the whole world stops spinning and the momentum just keeps pouring in whenever I write something beneficial to my readers especially when I wrote this content regarding how to have a successful online relationship. I was so pumped editing the header image itself. On the other hand, when covid hits the world some reputable experts shared that it may take 7 years. Will you be ready to take it? I took the pandemic as a symbol of HOPE, my lifeboat and preparing myself as if they are telling the truth thus switching my gear and working on my core gift instead.

As a matter of fact, being able to share through my blogging how things are on a daily basis with disposition and self-introspection, I have realized that this dilemma we are currently facing is just a call for "shifting our mindset" for more abundance. It lies within our subconscious mind that wealth is accessible for our taking. It is all about "hustling or grinding" until we accomplish something.


What do I mean by this?

Let me tell you a story of the three pigs. Well, I can't help but relate the three little Pigs story as I was watching it with my baby because it has a great impact on the way I see things from the perspective of "working."

The three little pigs were building their houses. Due to laziness, one of the pigs built his house made of straw. The other one who was somewhat not too lazy built his house made of sticks. These two little pigs were dancing, playing, chilling to their heart's content unmindful with the other pig who built his house made of bricks. True enough, the two lazy pigs were enjoying and did not care whether the houses they built would surpass through storms. All they did were slacking around and even looking at the other pig who was doing his best who worked to make his house stronger by the use of bricks.

If we would relate the story to how we are living today, we would prefer to be the two little pigs at times right? We tend to relax to the point of not minding what future might lie ahead of us. All we could think about is the moment where we could enjoy to the hilt unmindful of the "storms" that might come in. So now that the pandemic keeps its resistance, are we not going to shift our gear? Would we remain to be relaxed and be more focused on the pandemic or we would find ways on how we could improve ourselves by means of becoming productive every day?


Oh, I am not done with the story actually.

So, the other pig who built his house with bricks didn't have time to take his days off because he knew that "storms" might be coming anytime soon. Like he foresees that there might be no time anymore to play around unless he has to finish building his house with a solid foundation.

Surely he had told his two brothers to make just the same in preparation for the "storm!" but Nah, these two lazy pigs were doing karaoke and party instead lmao. True enough, a wolf came, with his hungry tummy, had seen three houses and smelt the pigs. The horror of the pigs and hurriedly went inside their houses for safety. The wolf was kinda, reassuring that he won't hurt the first one who built his house made of straw, so long as he would let him in, serenaded "Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!


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