A Lion of the sea, begging for fish?

297 2.JPG

Yeah and this beggar is armed with real long teeth 不


Now what is going on here? Is that a dog in the water?

I will show you some tricks by a master beggar today, let's call the Sealion "Sammy"!


We popped into this harbor for the first time today here in the Cape and received a pleasant surprise, as it is also "Sammy's" home.
Of course Sammy is wild and he can come and go as he pleases!

Here is the first instance of Sammy's begging!


There were a lot of fishers on the rock bank between the harbor and the sea!


Now watch the girl in the blue shirt down at the front!


"I say beautiful young lady" Sammy said; "Would you perhaps have a spare fish laying around somewhere"? 不


So, our Sammy got nothing and he abruptly departed!

But wait!
Our Sammy had other plans, as he saw a boat coming in from the sea!


And of course Sammy approached the boat with the same schpiel!
"Good afternoon gentlemen, did you remember to bring me anything"? 不


But nope as the guys had no fish and they were only out for a Friday joy ride!


So, Sammy's luck was out and he looked like a desperate soul as he peeped forlornly at the passing boat!

307 2.JPG

Finally, it was our turn to fly home!

A bit of a long post here even as I tried to keep it short, but this was yet another great experience.
Marian has already stated that on our next visit she will have a bag of Sardines for Sammy.
Such is life my friends!

Note" All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS.

A happy Friday to all and we hope that you enjoyed the post.

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