My intro post 😊

Hi Hiveans.

When you find the man of few things and that one committed to that one thing, then you have found me. I am Okeke Gregory. I am a Nigerian man and from the dot nation (iykyk, Eastern Nigeria). Most of my years were spent in Southern Nigeria with occasional visits to the West. I currently reside in a state in Central North, Nigeria. With this pan-country movement, I can say I am a bonafide citizen of the Dot nation whose people are known for migration. I am the first child in my lovely family.


As noted earlier, I am a person of few interests. I love reading; public speaking; connecting and interacting with people; and adding value to people and systems. Cooking, farming and listening to gospel music increases my happiness hormones. Politics and leadership is another topic that intrigues me but that of my nation palls me, so I avoid it - I am a strong man. I have less interest in sports and I am deliberately turning my interest away from musical instruments. At this point, you may wonder if I am still a man of few interest but it is what it is. 😊


I had the aspiration of becoming a medical doctor and I am happily one today (Nigeria cannot kill my joy - not at all). I currently practice medicine as an intern house officer in one of the finest tertiary health institution in the North central Nigeria. This one aspiration almost consumed my whole attention but I am grateful to some organizations for the opportunity to volunteer and serve as a leader.The COVID-19 lockdown was also beneficial as I acquired graphic design skills which I striving to develop.


I learnt about this community from one of my Chiefs at bhosa who is showing his boys how to get some foreign currency. Well, as a citizen of the dot nation in Nigeria, I agree we like this kind of thing. Before nko, who no like better thing?😉 I add value to every system I find myself in even without pay. In this community where there is the potential for credit alerts, I am very willing to contribute, learn and earn. I really look forward to a productive and rewarding experience here. Thank you.🤗

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