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Last week, I did not share any post on Hive, that's because I'm running a race right now that will redefine my life. When all is done and I'm well settled, I will share my story with you guys.

So, it is my practice to always tick each day from my calendar, it's a way of me reminding myself that I have little or no time, I just have to achieve whatever I want to achieve right now. Today, I was about ticking the date and I was asking myself what today is designed for? And when it finally hit me, I smiled so loudly. Today, some time last year was when I saw a post on twitter by @spirall and I decided I must learn about what he was talking about and that was how the whole HIVE journey started. I'M A YEAR OLDER ON HIVE TODAY🥳🥳🥳🥳.

When I saw @spirall's post on twitter, I clicked the attached link which directed me to his WhatsApp and we started chatting. I really loved what he was explaining to me. The main reason I wanted to be on Hive then was because I wanted to promote my art while I also earn from it. I needed (well I still need it though) audience, that exposure was what I was looking for. I was so concern about that and I failed to see other things that could actually be, other things I could actually learn and benefit from. So yes, I did struggle in the beginning. I took time out the other day just to check all of my posts from the beginning and I realized something, since I stopped seeing the platform as a means to large wealth and started seeing it as an opportunity to grow myself, develop myself in areas I never thought I would have done well in, since I focused more on understanding the word "CONSISTENCY", everything have changed.

It is indeed one year filled with amazing experiences. One year of me learning and earning, I have been learning how to better develop my writings and how to have other persons appreciate what I write. Sometimes before I post something I will ask myself, "if you are the reader, will you read this?" If my response is yes, I will go ahead to share. But if my response to myself is no, I will work on another. It has been one year of me just exploring different things and seeing the once that actually work and how to better build on them. It has been one year filled with surprising and amazing moments. A journey filled with so many high and low points, but honestly speaking it's a journey I am willing to continue taking.

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Self development should be something we all should aim for, I know I do well when it comes to drawing, but I never knew I would every discover a side of me that can write. One year of developing myself and getting better. My biggest lesson in my first year was when I used a content without giving credit to the original source, honestly speaking, I was truly sorry for that and I'm still sorry. I was punished for it though, which is a good thing. So many folks will face such experience and once they see they are struggling they'd probably create a new account and start all over, but I did not. I told myself, I have a point to prove to myself, and that's to develop myself even more. And so far, I have been doing that. Indeed, that experience gave birth to the new version of writer that I have become.

I barely regret anything in life, yes I can be sorry but I never regret. Why I don't regret is because I have learn a lesson and I will teach other people about that lesson. Most times when I leave a comment on newbies post here on hive, I always stress that part of plagiarism to them, not everyone can survive that punishment, so I always leave a comment advising them to stay far away from it.

I ask myself, what has hive done for me? Hive has done so much for me in such a short time. This has been helping me survive. Since I took full responsibility of my life, how I survive each day has been from my salary and also from my hive earnings. No doubt it has not been easy, but I have been just fine and hive has been my major support.

So, this new year on hive, what exactly do I really want though? Well, I'd say I want to know more interesting people and continue to keep my readers glue to my blog with interesting topics. I want my writing to develop even more. I want to be more consistent (even though I have been doing that since July), I'd love to do more. I also want to be more consistent with the power up day, well for some months now, I have been able to keep it going back to back and I hope to continue that way.

Hive has been my safe place to express myself and I love the fact that I have been able to stay true to it. This new year will be an amazing one for me, I definitely feel it coming. A very big Happy One Year On The Hive Blockchain to me. Thanks to everyone that have supported me in the first year, thanks to those that do engage with me, join me in this second journey let's do it again for another year. Thanks to you all for being part of my hive story.

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