Other Niche Communities Curation Report #100

OCD's support is expanding!

Hello everyone! This is the 100th compilation post of OCD's latest curation efforts. It has been known that OCD has been supporting leading niche communities under its Community Incubation Program. However, there are still a lot of other niche communities not supported by OCD. This curation initiative will help in supporting those communities.

This newest curation effort aims to encourage authors to post in appropriate communities even if those communities are not under the incubation program. This will also encourage users to explore more into the different communities in Hive.

How this Works

OCD curators and community leaders will find posts from other niche communities and recommend them for an upvote. Unlike those communities in the incubation program where curation is focused, this curation initiative is spread out. This will help find undervalued posts from smaller communities that deserve support.

This will highlight both the author and the community where the post is located. This way, smaller niche communities can focus on growing their subscribers and increasing the engagements within their respective communities. A small boost goes a long way.

Speaking of boost, here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @haastrecht
Community: Black And White

My latest blogpost in black and white! Dutch wildlife!

I am going to handle this one in two parts. The pictures are to different and i think that not every picture in this series does well in B&W. So that's why the animal pictures go first.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @cherryng
Community: HIVE CN 中文社区


Now let me share with you this home-cooked vegetarian meal, Japanese Tofu Vegetable Vermicelli Soup. The ingredients include Japanese tofu, lettuce, eggplant, fried beancurd, chili, corianders, and vermicelli. The condiments are: miso paste, soy sauce, mushroom powder, and pepper.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @jicrochet
Community: Natural Medicine

La berenjena, la dama morada de los vegetales [ESP] / Eggplant, the purple lady of vegetables

When I go shopping at the markets or supermarkets and I see the eggplant tower, I am paralyzed before this vegetable, it is so imposing with that color so striking and so unique, its bark shines so much that reminds me of the sun.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @flemingfarm
Community: ecoTrain

Farm Work, Chicks, Flowers, Anniversary Beer - Thursday

Feeling better yesterday meant I could actually get something accomplished around the farm. Early in the morning I was roaming the rows checking on things and found the first of the tomatoes to flower are the Orange Paruche cherries. Similar to Sun Gold but a touch less sweet.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @phuong.sitha
Community: ASEAN Hive

👨‍🌾 It's Mango Season in Pursat, Cambodia 🥭 So Many Kinds

Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you about the mangos in my village. There are alot of mangos. This is mango that called name svaykeoramit.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @proto26
Community: Natural Medicine

A Potential Break in my Mutation Breeding Experiment

Greetings, lovers of plants, medicine, and health! I'm very excited about the latest bean in growing in my experiment.

For those who do not know, I have been working on an experiment for some time now, trying to induce mutations in a custom bean I've bred.

Curator: @gentleshaid

Author: @marguns
Community: THE WEEKEND

Hello, happy day as I told you yesterday today we went trekking, a good trail. The weather was delicious.

Hello, happy day as I told you yesterday today we went trekking, a good trail. The weather was delicious. I loved this weekend day in the mountains by the sea. Even though a little rain accompanied us all the way, I really love days like this for trekking and of course, in good company so enjoy this day. In very good company so enjoy today's great adventure.

Curator: @galenkp

Author: @huzzah
Community: ArtBees

Doodler going digital!

With the recent launch of the Hive $PIZZA Minecraft server, I have admittedly been staying up way too late playing. All I have to say is that- I regret nothing! It was well worth it, even though I spent an enormous amount of time turning cobblestone back into normal stone.

Curator: @adamada

Author: @gregcoin
Community: Feathered Friends

Photographing Shiny Cowbird in my garden 📸 | EN/ES

I had been wanting to take pictures of some birds that always come around the house and today I happened to hear some birds singing, when I looked out there were about 4 Shiny Cowbird in the garden looking to feed on the insects and larvae that are regularly found in the roots of the bushes.

Curator: @roadstories

Author: @khodadadpoor.art
Community: Sketchbook

Painting training

Hello Dear friends. This time I have prepared a tutorial for this painting for you. I painted this painting from the image I presented at the end. I hope you like it.

Curator: @roadstories

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to explore Hive Communities.

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