Original Content Decentralized Hive statement

Hello dear Steemians, it's very sad that it has come to this where this will be the last time we'll call you that but with the actions of the recent buyer of Steemit.com and a lot of stake it is safe to assume that there's nothing decentralized about Steem anymore and won't be in the future neither. Not only does that defeat the purpose of OCD but adding to that there is also censorship now without DMCA notices on the Steemit front-end and it is time to say good bye.

With every chapter ending, there's a new one beginning and this one already starts out very exciting from the first page. We've always been a community witness and our main priority has been to distribute stake as wide as possible even with the centralized Steemit stake in existence we tried our best and it was really heartwarming to see the community band together and take back so many real witnesses on top. Now we will continue to do so on the Hive blockchain where stake is already way more distributed and the chain is a lot more decentralized and has close to zero chance of being taken over in the hostile manner it has been here. Many may say this is a flaw of DPOS but our community proved that when push comes to shove it is also one of its strengths and something that makes all of this possible with how advanced our chain is compared to the rest.

I didn't just want to list all the changes so they are instead written in italics if that's all you're interested in finding out in this post.

With the ninjamined stake aside now there is a lot of new hope being generated and we are all looking forward to the future of Hive. From the snapshot tomorrow and forward the OCD team will only be nominating posts for the compilations on the Hive blockchain but we will be posting onto both blockchains until our stake here is gone. Since community goes first we will still be making good use of our voting power and trails here but seeing as that will constantly be evaporating with power downs I don't think there will be too much to curate in the near future. Content creators may also not feel as free to post here if they have to watch out what they say because a company might hide their content which is something many here today have left their prior centralized platforms for.

We will also be removing the rule of not cross-posting your own posts onto the OCD community on the Steem blockchain, so go crazy! :)

I don't think there is a lot more to say although as I started writing this I thought there would be. We will be doing some more free hand curation onto the smaller communities we are supporting on the Steem blockchain but on Hive it will remain the same for the time being until we know how much stake we have to work with if we can increase the amount of daily posts from each of the communities we can support. There, that's another change I just remembered!

Blockchain is beautiful, make the most of it and the power it gives users and stakeholders and we will see and curate you in the chain of freedom!

A big thank you to everyone for these crazy 3 years of OCD curation and distribution! This is literally the best community I've ever been part of and I can't wait to see it grow and take over the world.