OCD POSH Curation Compilation #230

OCD POSH Curation Report #230

Hello everyone! This is the 230th compilation post of OCD POSH Curation initiative. We are now curating posts that are shared on Twitter and Reddit. Provided that the Twitter and Reddit links are shared in OCD Discord community via #twitter-posh and #reddit-posh channels, respectively, we will look at each link and its subsequent post and curate them based on our selected criteria. As for the criteria, you can find some of them near the end of this post.

We are doing this because we believe that every post shared on social media promotes Hive. POSH Curation is limited to Twitter and Reddit for now, but we might extend it to other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

You might have noticed that some authors are curated more than once. That's because they're the ones who keep on sharing their posts on Twitter. So, I encourage everyone to #posh and then shared their posh links to OCD Discord channel. This way, we'll have more variety in the compilation posts. This also means we will not automatically curate content even if it's shared on Twitter. Criterion #2 still precedes every other criterion.

Since this initiative aims to incentivize #poshed content, relevant tags should be strictly enforced (See criterion #3). It can still be observed that some decent posts didn't have any relevant tags on them. Again, we will not curate posts that do not contain any relevant tags on Twitter.

Just like how OCD is supporting niche communities under its Incubation Program, POSH Curation is like a community in itself within OCD. As community leaders have their own curation report, we have this curation report as well.

Here are the posts curated within July 31, 2021 12:00 AM - 11:59 AM:

Author: @rebeysa85
Post Link: We are who we want or what society makes us to be?
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #life, #originalcontent

Author: @daniel2001
Post Link: [ESP/ENG] Iniciativa: ¡Te reto a responder! / Initiative: I dare you to answer! by @daniel2001
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #vidapersonal, #blog, #reto

Author: @actioncats
Post Link: Trata de personas una triste realidad mundial 🌎 /Human trafficking a sad worldwide reality 🌎 (ESP/ENG)
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #slavery, #humantrafficking, #prostitution, #sexualexploitation

Author: @kattycrochet
Post Link: Stock Images || ORANGE ROSES 🌹
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #photography, #roses, #nature

Author: @emybaby
Post Link: [ES|EN] Maquillaje inspirado en Gatúbela ♡ | Makeup inspired by Catwoman♡
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #makeup, #catwoman, #art

Author: @genice
Post Link: ESP-ENG Delicioso bizcocho de pumalaca/🍰Delicious pumalaca sponge cake.🍰
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #recetas, #comida, #postres, #gatronomia

Author: @joheredia21
Post Link: [ES-EN] Revisando Lo Nuevo de Netflix: Sueño Mortal 👁 ⚰️ // Reviewing What's New on Netflix: Deep 👁 ⚰️
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #Netflix, #DEEP, #Movies, #Film, #Movie, #Review, #MovieReview, #MovieReviews, #entertainment, #Fun, #Series

Suggestion: Use English tags.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Hivers your support.

Curation Criteria:

1. Posts must be shared to Twitter or Reddit and the link must be shared to the designated channel in OCD Discord server.
2. Posts must be of quality.
3. Make sure that tag usage is appropriate on Twitter, not only $/#hive but also other relevant tags to the content.
4. Author is encouraged to engage in OCD community and not just drop their POSH links there. Engagement will be considered in the curation.

Did you know that sharing your posts to Twitter will not only give you a chance of POSH curation but also let you earn some PoSH tokens? The number of tokens earned will be proportional to the engagements of your Twitter link (likes and retweets). While the PoSH token has no value yet, plans about the token have been shared by this post. You can find more about the token on the website, as well as information on how many others are registered and are sharing Hive links daily. Instructions on how to register can also be found on the website. Supplemental information about the registration can be found in this post. If you encounter difficulties during registration, you can always message in OCD's Discord channel.

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