OCD Community Boost Contest #5 Winners [Movies & TV Shows]

Apologies for the late announcement of winners. This is due to the sheer volume of entries that the moderators had a hard time choosing the winners.

After the deliberation with the community leaders/moderators of Movies & TV Shows, we now have the winners! Special thanks to @macchiata, @jcrodriguez, @namiks and @acidyo for the support in facilitating this contest.

Before the announcement of winners, let's have a look first at how the Movies & TV Shows has changed in terms of subscribers and engagements.



The purpose of the screenshots is to see how the community is doing before the contest and then after the contest. The most notable change in Movies & TV Shows Community is the increase in the number of subscribers from 1653 to 1970. That's 19.18% increase! Another is the increase in active users from 184 to 490. That's 166.30% increase! Not bad for the first community boost contest! For the weekly interactions, it increased from 766 to 2628. That's 243.08% increase in weekly interactions! For the pending payouts, it increased from 1639 to 10593. That's 546.31% increase! These contests are getting out of hand!

Another notable metric is the number of blogs posted in the community within the contest period. For that, the reference would be the comment section of the contest post. Please refer to the link below:

That's a record of more than 200 posts created within that period of the contest! I honestly stopped counting anymore. The prize pool might have added some motivation:

That means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of the contest post = 17.524 HBD + 23.353 HP
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of the contest post = 12.517 HBD + 16.681 HP
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of the contest post = 10.013 HBD + 13.344 HP
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of the contest post = 5.006 HBD + 6.672 HP
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of the contest post = 5.006 HBD + 6.672 HP

Note: We decided to reward in HP instead of liquid HIVE.


Here are the winners:

First Place: @maryed

[ESP] | [ENG] — El maravilloso mundo de la Ciencia Ficción: ¿por qué me gusta tanto? || The wonderful world of Science Fiction, why do I like it so much?

This is a genre that is mostly speculative and whose verisimilitude is based on scientific knowledge and technological achievements or advances of mankind, as well as the consequences that they could bring with them. The main characteristic of this genre is its themes, which can deal with issues such as: time travel, conquests and space travel, existence of alien civilizations, utopias, artificial intelligence, parallel universes...in short, the list of topics is quite extensive. The truth is that some of these scenarios presented in science fiction movies or series are quite similar to our real world, but the only difference is that they have unreal technologies that could perhaps come to exist in the near future (such as cyborgs or clones).

Second Place: @gabolegends

The drama: the cinematic experience closest to life [ENG-ESP]

Drama is my favorite genre because it shows more than perfidious humor and superficial conflict. This genre is complex because it makes visible the internal battle that a character suffers to face his own defects, his complexes, his need to fit into a society that rejects him, his fears, his virtues and his talents. Here, the adventure is a very realistic personal journey. You suffer with the story, with that dramatic need that subjects the characters to bitter, difficult and overwhelmed situations in which sooner or later that compassionate side will emerge in the viewer. You fall in love, because history is very close to you, to what you have suffered, to your victories and defeats.

Third Place: @freakeao

A villain must have motivations and matriarchs also die. (Eng-Esp)

In the movies the villains have evolved in an abysmal way even getting nominations for major awards, in previous years were only violent people with a thirst to dominate the world, now we find a variety of characters that at last and thank God for it had clear motivations to be a villain, the premise of just being bad and killing for the sake of it was discarded, emotional layers, values, madness and certain psychopathies were added, leading to great iconic moments in cinema, just to name an example, the Joker in The Dark Knight, is just a man with fine tastes and love for gasoline. Villains are polite but villains nonetheless, remember Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the movie Heat? A moment of tension between the hero and the villain, great dialogue and verbal violence, but with education, then we can understand that the villain has motivations, dreams, hopes, principles and above all confidence in what he does, he is not just a petty thief. I prefer that kind of villain.

Fourth Place: @dedicatedguy

An exploration of my liking for the horror genre and my favorite films. (ENG + ESP)

My fascination with the horror genre began when I was a little kid. I remember watching on Nickelodeon a show called "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and even to this day I still remember an episode with a creepy paranormal clown inside some type of amusement park. This wasn't the only scary series I watched in those days, there was also another show called "Goosebumps" but I don't have many memories from this one. I only remember its name and that it always creeped me the hell out. I always watched these series on my own, just the TV and me.

Fifth Place: @laloretoyya

The best movies of my country or the year everything changed (2013) 🇻🇪🎬

In Venezuela we boast of having the most beautiful landscapes and the most beautiful women, it is a national pride to say the number of crowns of beauty contests that the country has taken worldwide, whenever it comes up we stamp it on the face of a foreigner. However, it is not the only pride we have, and I do not think it is the greatest, the reality is that what Venezuelans love the most is Baseball. Although it seems to be from the past, it is no longer the same furor that I remember from ten years ago.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Rewards were already sent to your respective accounts. Please confirm if they're the exact amounts reflected here. If there's a concern, please contact @ybanezkim26 or comment directly in this post.

For those who made a post, you're already winners! OCD would curate your post as long as it's within the standards of the community. Now, there's another chance to win! Head now to another community: Home Edders. Please refer to the link below for the contest mechanics:

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