ENGAGE Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

The communities have been evolving nicely lately, it's great to see OCD also drop down a few ranks and niche communities taking it's place. We're hoping that'll continue and will be announcing some other communities we've accepted to our incubation program shortly, but before that we wanted to discuss engagement.

As we all know engagement is a bit lacking lately, everyone wants to be an author and that's great but it has left little time to consume content from other authors. There's a lot more reasons why engagement is important, just today for instance we were discussing that a lot of "sockpuppet" accounts often give away how they may be ones because they never engage and all they do is post. That and their articles being spun or copy translate plagiarised. Nonetheless I believe the time for these things is coming to an end as we focus more and more on posting onto communities and the community leaders and curators being more knowledgeable about those topics will have an easier time weeding out the abuse than random curators or hivewatchers.

Engagement is also important because often times consumers who've read a post want to follow it with more discussions or read more about it and what other consumers think. The EIP change that brought a tax to rewards that don't make a certain amount of rewards to fight low reward farming has at the same time disincentivized commenting or at least curating comments knowing you'd lose out on rewards and if your vp strength isn't that high it'll also give less rewards out while burning more vp than before the EIP. This is why @abh12345 created the ENGAGE token.

ENGAGE is simple, it's a Hive-engine token, once you've earned or bought your way up to 1000 tokens you're able to give them away to others through comments with the

!ENGAGE XX command (10 to 50 coins can be given out at once)

back in the day OCD used to buy up tokens at random with Hive to give them some value on the market for those who were looking to sell their earned ENGAGE for Hive. Right now we have over 32k tokens that I recently transferred to an account I use more often and we thought it'd be great to give these out to community leaders and curators but also to people you can nominate that you think could use them well because they engage a lot on the blockchain!

What you can do in the comments of this post is check how much ENGAGE a user has which you would like to nominate (not yourself please) through this link: https://hive-engine.com/?p=balances&a=username if you have issues loading the page you can also check the richlist: https://he.dtools.dev/richlist/ENGAGE

then you just nominate the user and mention the amount they'd need to reach 1000 tokens to be able to distribute them themselves. The ones with the most votes/vouches will be considered to be topped up on ENGAGE after we check their engagement activity a bit.

Other than that we'll also be giving out ENGAGE tokens automatically to all the community leaders and curators already part of the OCD community incubation, but please report here, check your balance and how much you still need and let us know in a comment!

Hoping to see more activity of ENGAGE distribution and of course more engagement! Who knows what the future brings for the ENGAGE token. ;)

We would appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

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