The Joys of Being a Dad

I Survived the First 15 Months!

A few days back little Ricky reached the 15 month mark. The has been both the fastest and longest 15 months of my life! Everyone tells you how rewarding it is to raise a baby, but honestly it is very difficult to see it while it is happening; but it becomes clearer in hindsight.

Attempting to cover every square inch of his body with sand.

One interesting thing that came out of the Covid-19 pandemic is that the babies are a little bit different. This is presumably because of the lack of socialization that most children have during their first year in normal times. For one, they are learning words a bit later and are much more prone to separation anxiety.

This kid really loves the ocean! No fear whatsoever.

We were a bit concerned to start with because he seemed to be late saying is first words. We started talking to other parents around the neighborhood who had kids about Ricky's age, and they were all saying the same thing. Their kids were also not saying a single clear word. It made us feel a bit better, but we finally got even more convinced that everything was to be expected after talking to the doctor.

One Year Visit to Doctor

Amanda went to see her doc that delivered the baby and voiced her concerns. Immediately, the doctor told her that every single child that she had delivered around the middle of last year is not speaking yet - or less than expected. It was a relief to hear that it was super common!

To be fair, he is saying a whole lot, just no complete words like mommy or daddy. He says something that sounds like 'gan-ad' when grand dad gets on Skype from England. He is also sings 'pup pup pup' when the Puppy Dog Pals cartoon comes on. It's his favorite.

As long as he's having fun!

The most difficult part of this whole thing has been the fact that I cannot leave the room or do pretty much anything other than play with him or he screams. This includes posting on Hive or doing any kind of computer work. His little paws never leave the keyboard! I am basically a full time dad these days which is why you haven't seen me around here much.

It is true what they say about being a full time parent. It is a 24 hour a day job. Well, except for about 1/2 an hour before I go to bed, and after he has gone to sleep - which happens to be right now as I type this!

On the up side, it has been nice to see that the crypto market and Hive have been doing well. Fingers crossed we can keep up the momentum! I would love to see Hive get over a dollar and actually stay there for a while.

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