Nhaji Is On Hive! My Introductory Post.

Introductory post huh?
I’ve been forced to put this up for the past two days but lazy me always finds an excuse.
Yeah so I’m lazy sometimes. I know you might be wondering, who introduces herself this way. So here goes nothing. This is me finally doing what I should’ve done when @depressedfuckup talked me into signing up. I’ve seen a lot of intro posts here and I see the way people put their intro posts into sections of family, school and hobbies. I’m not one to follow norms. I’m spontaneous so I’ll tell you what comes to my mind about myself as I write. Maybe if you’re lucky enough, I’ll arrange them after I’m done. We’ll see.


I’m Nhaji. 21 years of age from Accra, Ghana.
I started schooling when I was just 1 year old(that’s too early for a Ghanaian kid I think). My kindergarten days through to junior high school was quite a journey and I had the time of my life. In senior high school I pursued a science course and completed some years ago. I’m currently in my third year university studying my way to a bachelors degree in Biochemistry.

After senior high school I had a year long vacation to figure myself out and decide what I wanted to do with my life. I had a lot of time to myself and I did all that I had wanted to do. I read books , travelled, met people, attended programs and connected with my family. I wasn’t really a family person but I decided to bond with my family with the time I had. I realized family was everything and that they are always going to be there for you no matter the situation.


I have four siblings. Two boys and two girls. I think my parents are the best even though they drive me crazy sometimes. They do their best for me. Contrary to what they believe, I find it hilarious they think they’re old. They’re young and full of life to me.

I’m a very outgoing person and I have a good sense of humor. I’m a little crazy,maybe a lot more( in a good way).

I’m a very good cook and I like to try a lot of new recipes. I love food so I cook always. Let’s just say I’m the cook in my friend group.

Aside being a good cook, I am a writer too. I like to put down my thoughts and I write to inspire people. At times I think I’m the worst writer but my friend @zzzinnn might think otherwise.

I’m a seamstress, an entrepreneur, a basketball player and I also sing sometimes. Again, if you’re lucky enough that laziness doesn’t get the best of me, I’ll take you through a journey covering each of these and more. I love music but I’m not a very good dancer. My friends have tried to teach me to dance but they have all lost hope.😂😂

I’ll engage with content about music and dance to explore and maybe perfect the not so perfect moves I have. I have a feeling I’ll need them one of these days, with the partying going on in my school these days. Lol I know I needed those for the Tunis Court Party last week.

I am a very good listener and I am good at giving advice. I like to cool off and recharge and I achieve that through swimming. I like to think I’m a good swimmer.

I have come to learn to be mindful of the things I say and cherish the people around me. Every morning, I wake up looking forward to having a a productive day and exploring as much as I can cos everyday is a new day with new lessons and experiences. On days when I’m not inspired , I gain inspiration from this quote ‘Learn to fail and you will rise from your failures’. This might not really be what you expect for an inspirational quote but it gets me going.

Talking about my experiences, I am the deputy minority chief whip of the university student Parliament House on my campus and the electoral committee secretary for my department. I am also a member of ENACTUS on my campus. ENACTUS is a club where we develop individuals business ideas no matter how small they are. We inspire people to be the best they can be in the business industry taking into consideration the 17 sustainable development goals. I am a member of the scripting and presentation team. Last week, my team and I represented my school in the ENACTUS national competition in Accra, Ghana where we once again defended our championship. I say once again because we bagged the championship last year too. You could say we defended our championship. We dedicated a lot of time on our projects and our efforts were not in vain. But hey! We will talk about this in my subsequent posts so stay tuned and don’t miss the fun!



This is me in a nutshell and it took @depressedfuckup two weeks to get me to sign up on Hive and two days to put this intro post up. I am happy to be here because I will be able to communicate and share ideas with you all. Enjoy your day!

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