My introductory post.

Hi everyone! I'm Abdulkareem from Abuja, Nigeria. My friends call me Namiikaze because of my huge love for the anime Naruto(haha, long story). Special thanks to my friends @francisx14 and @colemann for introducing me to this community. I study Building Technology at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


I'm a blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiast and when I'm not busy scouring the crypto marketplace, I engage myself in artworks.
My hobbies are watching anime, drawing, playing videogames and dancing. I am also a basketball player.


Another interesting fact about me, is that I am a socialite. I love to meet new people, interact and exchange ideas and view things from other people's perspective.
I look forward to an exciting hive experience. Hoping to learn new things and maybe, teach a few. Thank you for you time.

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