My Hive Business Card Design

Greetings friends of hive, this is Misael speaking, I have been a little inactive in the Hive platform, however, today I join the contest of my friend @acidyo, to create my models of my cards. Two designs that I made from my computer and using the editing program Canva, which allows me to do so, also use a template that I provided that program and those were the ones I used for this occasion.

For both cards I used blue lines with a little gradient and a black background, two colors that I liked a lot and above all I placed a series of QR codes in the corners, the logo of Hive and the Filipino community. With that I finished the designs, however, to be able to place it and give it that touch of transparency will take some time.

First card:

Second card:


I hope you liked this design of my two cards.

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2 columns
1 column