Ending 2020 On A High

A Real High!

... 1000 Feet High!


Safety ✔️



I couldn't think of a better way to end 2020, than rising above!

In the passenger seat behind pilot @iamyohann, I sat in what feels like a "motorcycle in the sky", for a beautiful tour of Moalboal, South of Cebu.
My tour started from the hangar located in Ronda, (a 15 minutes drive from the town of Moalboal), flying directly over Moalboal Town Centre, Badian Bay, Pescador Island, Panagsama Beach, White Beach and then back to Ronda, all within 30 minutes.



I'm all for perspective in life, so a vantage point from above, gave me completely different spectacular views of the beauty which surrounds Moalboal area and within.







In the air, ranging from 200 - 300 feet, looking down at travellers and locals waving as we go flying by, adds to the excitement of the adrenaline rush.
Flying in the gyro does not only take my breath away, it takes my fears and builds my trust as the pilot takes you to heights of 1000 feet above.
Such an amazing experience!

I get lost in this nature everyday to find myself!

Town Centre


Panagsama Beach



Tourism is Moalboal's number one trade for employment, so all these beach front properties are a former glory of the buzzing vibes Panagsama Beach used to be.
Let's see what's in store...

Pescador Island


White Beach Area (Umbrella Dive Site)





While admiring and taking it all in, I reflected on the year 2020 and my extensive time spent around the sea and nature, here in Moalboal Philippines, and it makes me smile. I smile because I've never been a lover of the deep blue - too vast and unknown, far bigger than I could ever comprehend. Yet, I feel like I have grown so much, my horizons have been broadened and I now only see it as "spacious", and this makes me want to spread my wings more :)







As my heart beat rate hiked at the turns in the gyro, this quote came to mind:

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, and to match your nature with nature." - Joseph Campbell.


All good wishes for 2021 folks.


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