I'm A Minnow!!! Yeah, I'm Screaming It Out


Celebrating little achievements is something I don't do much but I would love to grow the habit of doing it every now and then - Write or talk about it, appreciate those behind it including myself and also set goals for more celebrations to come. Joining Hive was one of the most amazing step I've took that I've always been grateful for especially to those who introduced it to me and those who have made my journey here amazing as well.

My journey on Hive have made me gained so much knowledge on different aspects, made me feel more independent and I got to meet so many new friends that have been making me enjoy Hive everyday. I have achieved so much on Hive in the last Five Months and I am very sure that I'm yet to meet more great friends, gain more knowledge and grow my account than it is now.

A Screenshot from my wallet

I checked my wallet some days ago and got more than 500HP after claiming my rewards. At that moment, I felt so much joy but I thought of not announcing my progress (My reason was so silly, don't spank me when I tell you)

I thought to myself that "Why make a post for achieving just 500HP? People are celebrating 12k HP to 15k HP and you want to celebrate just 500HP? Come on, do something else".

I laughed at myself after having such thought... Like come on, didn't those 15k HP owners passed through 500 HP and then to 1k HP before they got there? It's all a process and tracking your process to see your progress isn't bad at all. I decided to celebrate one of my achievements.

I am announcing to you all officially that I am no longer a Redfish on Hive. @merit.ahama is a Minnow now - 500HP owner and still counting because I'm not stopping here, the journey continues as I plan to make my contribution on this great platform as well.

My special appreciation to God, to my family, my DREEM family and all the friends I've made on Hive, you all have been amazing in my journey here and I'm grateful for you support and love. I hope to keep supporting and make good use of my HP even though it's still little and I hope to grow bigger and better at Hiving.

First image was gotten from bitmoji app

Thanks for reading!!!

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