Getting Started - Need All The Motivation I Could Get

Monday is here, weekend is over and school work is about to look very serious for me. I spent almost my whole Sunday thinking of how to spend my new week because I kind of have a lot to do.


Yeah, I'm in my final year and I got my project topic last week Friday. You know what that means, I will have to spend more time with different kinds of books in my field to get good research for my work to be excellent.

Let me say a silly thing here, I wish Hive could share blogs that would be related to my course so I don't have to go too far from my Hive account 😅 and I trust that Hive is always with latest news, my project is supposed to be based on very recent research.

This would be my first time to prepare for a long term project but I'm trying not to scared. Actually I'm scared, not because I can't do it but because I don't want to make a project that won't have an excellent remark... I want it to be near perfect, if you know what I mean.

I've been blogging for a year now and I want to believe that I'll be able to use my experience in blogging to create a plagiarism - free and amazing project work, my supervisor promised to publish his most favorite work among his students on the internet so I'm hoping mine would be among his favorites... I hope that's not too much to hope for.


Well, I'll be starting with my outline for my chosen topic this week then move on to my literature review. I hope I get the chance to share whatever new updates I find during my research to you here and maybe get good feedbacks from you to add to my research, How amazing that would be for me.

Let me boast a little here, I got a pass mark on the topic I choose because my supervisor had to change all others topics except mine... Seems my topic was perfect like that so he didn't see any need to change it. I chose a very interesting topic but not too easy to research on though.

Still not scared I choose the topic because I believe I would be able to find my ways around it and provide good research work on it.

Another thing I'm scared of is, presenting my research work in front of my lecturers, professors and my co - students. Now, that's a really big one for someone who's afraid to stand in front of a crowd but not to worry, I'll have to beat my fears except I want to fail my project 😂

So wish me well as I start my journey to a great research work, nothing short of good work as a blogger so I don't disgrace this platform for all the lessons it has been giving me 🙃

Let's also have a happy new week, don't worry I'll still be active whenever I could to engage with some of you... I'll miss that a lot if I don't.

Love you all 😍

Thanks for reading!!!

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