The hive blockchain assures victory over poverty; creating jobs for all.


Many Ghanaian youth have acquired a strong desire to migrate overseas in search of better pastures. This has led to the country's increasing brain drain. However, this is due to the high rate of unemployment and underemployment in Ghana and other African nations. This, I think, has contributed to poverty and misery in certain parts of Africa.

Unemployment and underemployment are key to poverty. For the impoverished, work is sometimes the only option they have to better their situation. As a result, creating meaningful work opportunities is critical for poverty reduction and long-term economic and social development.





It is worth noting that the hive ecosystem has not only shown to empower communities in Ghana by providing pure drinking water, but it has also created work possibilities for certain young people. Hive's ongoing project has placed a smile on the faces of the vendors and personnel hired to assist in the construction of the borehole project.

In a chat with one of the masons who has worked so well with hive from the start of the hive borehole project, he inquired as to when the next project will begin. He claims that he has just remained at home since the first borehole was completed. There are no employment available for him or other individuals, making life more difficult for him and his family. I can attest to how tough it has recently been to get work in Ghana.



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I get a sense of fulfillment knowing that these young men are content to be employed by the hive ecosystem. They desire the blockchain project to continue so that they may be granted the contract to work for hive. It's incredible to see how hive has made it feasible for someone to get a job. Because employment are scarce, they may remain unemployed after the conclusion of this project.

We want to communicate with the rest of the world the positive influence that the hive blockchain has had on the lives of individuals like these young guys. I'm hoping to see them own a hive account so they may share their story with the rest of the hivers. With hive, these young men are conquering poverty and making life more tolerable. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success in doing this.


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