Preparation for Hive interview on a local Radio đź“» station in Ghana.


photos by @mcsamm

Hive Advertisement

Radio is one of the most effective instruments and mediums for advertising goods and services in Ghana. Radio, like any other media, has varied meanings for different businesses and people. It is an excellent method of advertising for certain items and services, but only somewhat successful for others, and very ineffective for yet another set of persons and organisations.

The hive ecosystem has taken great pleasure in spreading the word about its numerous capabilities and blockchain technology. I am delighted to be an agent in Ghana, assisting in spreading awareness of the hive blockchain among the Ghanaian community. Numerous techniques and mechanisms have been used in my endeavor to provide an effective hive promotion here in Ghana to guarantee that this is done properly and successfully.

One extremely important project that cannot be neglected in our promotional trip of the hive blockchain here in Ghana is the construction of boreholes. This is in response to the hive's goal of empowering communities. This has been a huge success, as communities have seen the benefits of the blockchain in terms of providing safe drinking water.


The Invitation

The hive's empowerment project in Ghana, which serves communities with clean drinking water as one of their most increasing demands, has garnered a lot of attention for the measures that have been undertaken. This was evident in the numerous media coverages produced by media personalities and agencies. People in Ghana from all walks of life learned about the outstanding actions carried out by the hive ecosystem thanks to the various news stories published by local media outlets.

As a result, the various TV/Radio stations in Ghana have repeatedly encouraged us to meet with them for an interview session in order to share more information about hive with Ghanaians. With the many contacts that have occurred over the last few weeks, we have been able to create solid connections with various media outlets and personalities that are eager and ready to interview us about the various initiatives carried out in Ghana by the hive ecosystem via us.

We (@mcsamm & @collinz) are incredibly delighted with the level to which the discussion has progressed since announcing the Hive interview on Radio Today. We are writing to update all hivers of our intentions to visit Osranee 92.3 FM, a prominent local radio station in Ghana, on Wednesday August 3, 2022. Mr Owusu Boahene, who is willing to welcome us on his programme, told us that people had phoned them multiple times asking when their radio station would invite us for an interview.

We are, however, totally prepared to offer ourselves as hive ambassadors in order to promote the hive ecosystem in Ghana through these activities. Osranee radio is based in Agona, Ghana's Ashanti region. This is the location of Ghana's second hive borehole. The residents of Agona have expressed thanks to the hive blockchain for providing safe drinking water.

This interview session is intended to inform the residents of Agona and the broader Ashanti area about hive and the several initiatives we have undertaken in Ghana. Let me add that this interview will assist to promote the hive ecology on a larger scale. The hive blockchain is making progress in its promotional efforts in Ghana.


First hive borehole at Fawoade


second hive borehole at Agona Bedomase


third hive borehole at Anwomaso



hive branded books


Funding for the Media

Despite the fact that we got an invitation from Osranee radio in response to a request from most people to assist them learn more about the hive ecosystem. The radio station requires that a fee be paid to the session that will be used for the interview. Because this is a chance to promote the hive blockchain, it is still necessary to pay for the service that will be provided.

In light of this, @mcsamm and @collinz have pooled part of our daily earnings from the hive ecosystem to help this promotional effort. We are thrilled that our daily earnings would support and finance our promotional efforts. It's amazing to observe how the everyday support we get is also invested on our advertising initiatives. A total of $500 has been set aside from our funds to fund the several promotional initiatives that we want to do. That is $250 from each of us to fund this radio interview and other promotional efforts this week.

What's next?

The hive radio interview slated for this week is a fantastic promotional opportunity that will reach many people in Ghana and throughout the globe. We do nothing but showcase the hive brand and the various qualities of the hive blockchain in our forthcoming radio interview on the hive blockchain. With the hive ecosystem, we want to reach a large number of Osranee radio listeners and Ghanaians.

We are completely prepared to honour additional interviews that we have been asked to in the coming days. All radio/TV stations that have asked us for interviews will be recognised in the coming days. We are seeking the help and guidance of all hivers via the comment sections as we prepare for a hive radio interview this week. We are completely prepared to promote the hive blockchain in order to assist present the ecosystem to the general public.


Event: Hive Radio Interview
Guests: @mcsamm & @collinz
Media: Osranee Radio 92.3 FM
Sponsor: @mcsamm & @collinz
Date: 3rd August, 22.
Time: 10:00AM

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