My cute and pretty cat

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Hi everyone, how are you today, I hope you are fine. Today I will introduce you to an Angora cat in my house, this cat's name is Niko who is being cared for by my wife, initially this cat was found in my yard who was crying. First found this cat was still a baby and then taken by my wife to be cared for until now.

Then my wife gave her name Niko, this Niko is different from ordinary cats, she is very spoiled and can't stand hunger, my wife is very good at taking care of cats besides Angora cats she also keeps domestic cats. Angora cat care is different from ordinary cats, once a month this cat is taken to the veterinarian for a vaccine injection so that it is not easily infected with the virus.

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Well, when I took the photo Niko's face was like an angry person, because she had just been washed by my wife so her fur was still messy because her fur was not completely dry. This cat breed is very popular with cat lovers, in addition to its cute body shape, it also has long fur.

How do you think my wife's cat looks cute isn't it, here are some pictures of cats (Niko) with angry faces for me to show you.

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