Rainy Power Up! - April/2022 #HivePUD


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This is my entry to the April/2022 #HivePUD Day!

Rainy Power Up! - April/2022 #HivePUD

March's gone, we're now in April! Today's a very rainy day here in Rio de Janeiro, but it's also another Power Up Day! 🎉


During February, according to HiveStats, I was able to earn 314.15 HP (367.56 USD) in Author Rewards and 16.39 HP
(19.17 USD) in Curation Rewards, for a total of more than 330 HIVE! It is my best month on Hive until now!

Because of these rewards, my Hive Power already grew 200 HP, from 2,173 to 2,373 just from the staked rewards. And, today, I'll be powering up an extra 35.039 HIVE, for a total growth of more than 235 HP on a single month!


With the rest of my (liquid) rewards, I've kept my investments into some second-layer tokens, mainly $ONEUP and $SPT, in order to grow my assets on the ONEUP:SPT Liquidity Pool. I also used a small part of it to pair with $THGaming tokens I'm earning to put into the THGaming:SWAP.HIVE Liquidity Pool. I now have 249 USD on the THGaming:SWAP.HIVE Pool, and 186 USD on the ONEUP:SPT Pool.

The rest of the money was spent purchasing RisingStar Cards, as I'm loving the game and I'm being able to skyrocket my daily STARBITS earnings with my newly-acquired fans!

I wish everyone a great April!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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