Birthday's Power Up! - August/2022 #HivePUD

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This is my entry to the August/2022 #HivePUD Day!

Birthday's Power Up! - August/2022 #HivePUD

In 31th August we have the most important day of the year: my Birthday! Yeah, that's right, the magic day in which I was born!

What do you mean? So my birthday is NOT the most important day of the year?😅
I don't use the internet to read this kind of filthy, dirty lie! Shush you!😂


Today's also a day of celebration here on Hive too, as it's another Power Up Day! 🎉

During July, according to HiveStats, I was able to earn 392.46 HP (333.21 USD) in Author Rewards and 23.43 HP (19.89 USD) in Curation Rewards, for a total of 415.89 HP in Rewards!

May/2022 was by best month on Hive, with a total of 441.48 HP in Rewards. So, unfortunately, May/2022 is still my best Month yet! July/2022 comes in a close 2nd place!

Today, I'll be powering up an extra 235.446 HIVE!

Regarding my second-layer, Hive-Engine investments: I keep investing in the RisingStar Game, purchasing cards every other day with the accumulated STARBITS that I get from doing my daily missions.

According to this very convenient bot on RisingStar Discord Channel, my whole Card Collection is now worth 2361.187 Hive!

Last month my RisingStar Collection was only worth 2737.761 Hive, so, despite buying hundreds of new cards, unfortunately my collection value shrank a lot this last month :(

This was totally outside my control, as the price of the STARBITS sank during July, bringing down my whole collection value. But hey, better times will come!

I wish everyone a great August!!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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