You can't sing a love song to the deaf, so why would you bother even trying to?

I’ve noticed quite a few posts just lately, complaining about the hardships that we currently find ourselves in - in countries all around the world.

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The bad news.
It hasn’t even started yet.
What you see as hard now, will be lamented about over the coming years as ‘the easy times’.

I can’t be arsed anymore, explaining what’s coming.
Ten years of doing so – and seeing virtually everything I’ve said see unfold, tells me I'm on the right track.

And there’s a lot lot worse to come, my friends.
(Even when sanity is restored, back from the 'marxist loser mentality' or not).

My post isn’t about 'what’s to come' – you wouldn’t believe me anyway - so why waste my breath?

No, my post is about perspectives blinding you to opportunities. I’ve suffered from this myself, and always managed to find 'sound' reasons to explain my failure away.
There are always reasons.
If there wasn’t any reasons, then it would be a pretty dumb 'decision making strategy', wouldn’t it?

Why, for example, didn’t people sell at the all time high of steem? (what was it, $8?)
Why didn’t people sell when hive hit the dollar?
Why, why why….you get the idea.

Looking long?
Long term investment?
How’s that working out for ya?
How do you think that's gonna workout for ya?

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Here's the problem...

You're playing a game that's designed and built by someone else.

The same people who don't allow you to ever know the rules of their game .
But still you play - buy into 'their logic' as though you know what the fuck is going on.

As the world goes into depths of hardship that none of us (in the west) have ever experienced before, the wealth transfer will only increase.
And if not successful, wealth will be destroyed.

Do you really think ‘we’ will be part of that transfer?
Do you think we will even be ‘allowed’ to be part of that transfer?
We'll have front row seat to any destruction however. Funny how that always seems to work , isn't it?
Do you really think it will be any different this time around?

Do you think that the entire crypto sphere (not just hive) is outside of the purview of ‘the powers that be’?



Do you think you have the ‘inside track' on a corrupt global financial market ?
A market that the big players have had in their pockets decade after decade to tweak to their advantage?

Do you really think that you're smarter than them, now that you have 'skin in the game' on the emerging crypto industry?
An industry that’s just over a decade old? (for public consumption, anyways).
If you think that this technology wasn’t available to the powers that be years before public consumption, then I would suggest that’s the equivalent level of naivety on par with a 16 years old hottie that sleeps with a horny teenager - because he says he loves her)

** I have some beachfront property for sale in Kansas, btw - if anyone's interested..

This sounds like real downer post doesn’t it?

It’s not....

I’m saying it to warn people not to fall into the trap that’s been set by TBTB.

The illusion of ‘wealth will be coming your way in the future – if only you just work a little harder now'.
It’s an illusion.
It’s a cultural sell by the powerful, to fool the less powerful, through the alluring specter called greed.
Work more.
What is greed, other than the illusion of having more ?
More what?
Time? It's the only asset we truly own.
How does greed give you more time on this planet?


Many do not even realize that this is a spell cast on you, by others. A cultural con.
The illusion of future prosperity is nothing more than a spell cast on you , is it not?

Imagine if you'd liquidated all your steem at the all time high, and put it in tangible property.
Paid for.
(not property so much - that’s an illusion to in the current system in many countries. If you’re paying tax on land/property, then you’re still buying into the con - and still under the spell).

Take what you can, when you can. Own it.

Anything else is simply playing ‘their game’.
A game you do not know the rules to, a game that is permanently rigged in ‘their favor’.

A game you cannot win, but always with the constant allure of ‘the potential to’.

How to win the game....


That’s the easiest thing in the world.

Laughably easy in fact.

But that's another thing that I'm not gonna waste my breath telling you about.
And why not?

...You really, truly, honestly - wouldn’t believe me!

....this is not an arrogance, btw - but based on my own experiences, with talking to well over five thousand people about this - All face to face. ('One on ones', or in very small groups).
That's more real people than the users on hive!

Those who 'got it'? - ...0
Those who didn't ? - ...5,000+
(Not as far as I'm aware, anyways - I'm not in touch with the vast majority of them now)

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