The view of rice fields in my grandfather's village is very beautiful

Dear All

No problem for many people to be proud to live in a metropolitan city. It is possible that many people feel most fortunate because they live in a city that is fully developed and developed. But for me there is no place as beautiful as this place, where when the foot stepped on the ground suddenly faded all the fatigue of the soul. That is the village.


Everyone likes landscape pictures. Be it images, events or events related to landscape images. Of course, it can be fun for a moment or be taken care of. With pictures of scenes in everyday life, you can relax a little bit of activities, or increase your knowledge about scenery.

Beautiful scenery in front of grandfather's house in the village. This is the place I always go if I have to "run away" from Lhokseumawe to the city of Banda Aceh. The typical atmosphere and beautiful views of the village like this almost never fail to care for the souls that are made tired by city life.


I used to go to grandfather's village on weekends. Departs Saturday morning and only takes 1 hour to get to the destination. My smile usually breaks out immediately when leaving the asphalt of the Medan-Banda Aceh highway to immediately enter the road between rice fields. Here I like to slow down the speed of the vehicle to throw a side view. Expanse of rice fields and the extent of the sky is so real in plain sight. Even if I'm lucky I can find mountains framed in the distance. Although not too far from Banda Aceh, what is presented here is very different.


Once in the grandfather's house my habit is to say hello and then sit briefly with him in the living room. After that I will say goodbye to enjoy the beauty of the village. No need to go far to start looking for that beauty because right in front of grandfather's rice field stretches of green hills that are so real. From the front of this grandfather's house, the sun will directly face the eyes. Very good.

Regards, @ledies
Aceh, 08 June 2020

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