Really the woman's heart is soft

Dear All


How angry a woman is, He will die down a his feelings. Sometimes a woman tries to get revenge to express her feelings. Although there are many regrets after that. How rude a woman is, there will still be tenderness behind it.

Women are softened in their hearts to provide peace. Why did the woman's heart soften? So that he can provide affection for those he loves. No matter how many women, there is still love behind it.

Although sometimes it can not express it with words, because emotions might control it. A woman is determined to survive when others start giving up. He is like a rock that is not easily collapsed by hard waves that come to test its strength.


Respect women's feelings. Don't like to point out his mistakes if he apologizes and realizes his mistakes. Because if not, it will revive emotions that have subsided before.


Learn to be loyal and be devoted to one person. That's only for your halal partner. Even though there are many men out there who offer millions of beauties that are basically just fake happiness. Because true happiness will only be found by your halal partner.

Regards, @ledies
Aceh, 08 June 2020

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