Re: Introduction - what took me so long?

Who even makes an introduction article after a very long time of being on hive? Looking at my profile and you will notice it says I'm a one-year-old user on hive but why did I wait for so long before making one?

The truth is that I heard about hive back in 2021 when someone on nairaland was talking about blockchain-based blogging platforms and he mentioned hive, readcash, and noisecash. I registered on all 3 platforms on the same day and I entered a whole new world which can be very overwhelming for a newbie.

Hive was the most complicated for me and I had no one to guide me on what to do, I was confused at every angle and even when @lovesniper welcomed me after I published my first post (which was supposed to be an introductory post), it still didn't make it easy.

I was given a couple of links to guide me as a newbie but the information in them was just too overwhelming because the link contains a couple of sub-links and I was seeing a lot of unfamiliar terms which makes it hard for me to understand, so after a few weeks of struggling to make sense of the whole thing, I gave up and focused on the other blogging platforms.

My journey back to hive

I decided to come back to hive on the first day of July because a lot of people were talking about it on readcash and I realized many of them have migrated here. Some persons also wrote articles about registering and exploring hive as a newbie and a lot of my questions were answered.

I came back to hive but I didn't publish any articles for about a week, I used that period to get a feel of the platform and I familiarized myself with some of its features. I have been blogging for a year on readcash and the experiences I have gotten within that period helped my transition to hive go more smoothly this time.

I have seen other people's introductory posts and I have even welcomed a few persons to hive on their introduction articles and whenever that happens, I remember I didn't make an introduction post when I joined but I always dismissed the thought of creating one because I believed it's already too late for that.

I found the courage to create this article when I saw someone else doing it earlier this week, he was already a few months old on this platform but he recently created his introduction post and I realized he did the right thing. I mean, what's the harm in doing my introduction now? Technically I'm still a newbie, even if my account says otherwise 😆.

So, who am I?

My name is Arinze but you can call me kushyzee, kushy, or just zee. I'm from Nigeria and I'm currently based in Benin city which is where I have lived since childhood. I'm the eldest amongst 4 siblings which comprises 3 sisters and a brother. I'm a student at the University of Benin and my course of study is aquaculture and fisheries management. I'm in my penultimate year at the university and I should have been in my final year by now but universities in my country have been on strike since February.

I'm an introvert who loves and cherish humor a lot, I love people with a high sense of humor. If you love to laugh or you can make me laugh often, we are going to be very good friends 😉 I don't keep many friends because I believe in quality over quantity, I don't have the mental energy to keep up with lots of friends and I try to trim it down to 3 or 4 friends.

Most people call me a savage due to my very sharp tongue and that's mostly because I can be brutally honest sometimes and point out things other people wouldn't just for fun. Some of my friends have called me the god of mischief because I pull pranks most of the time but I have stopped doing all that over the years as I started thinking about my future and ways to safeguard it.

I'm a computer geek and that's the impression most people get when they meet me for the first time. Because of my love for computers, it's not surprising that I found myself on the path to being a computer programmer. Right now I'm taking an online course on computer science at Harvard university and it has been challenging but I found ways to cope because my dream is to work as a software developer in the future.

I believe in consistency, ~hard work~ smart work, and patience. No matter how hard a journey might be, it can be accomplished as long as I keep moving every day and have the patience to get to the end. This is the mentality I apply in all aspects of my life and is the reason why I don't easily give up when faced with challenges in areas like blogging and programming.

I'm a very logical person and most of the time I won't agree with something if I don't see any logical sense to it. I don't follow a path because a majority of people do or because society says it's the way, I ask questions to know why things are done that way and if nobody can give a reasonable answer, I don't see a reason to follow that path.

My main hobby is video games, I have always loved video games right from childhood but I don't play as much as I used to in the past because I hardly have time for them. Some of the games I play right now are call of duty mobile, Apex legends, and marvel future fight. I only play them when I'm taking a break from coding or blogging.

I love learning about new things and I always scour the web in search of something new and exciting (that was how I found hive and readcash! 😁). I'm a realist; I love to look at the negative and positive sides of things, I don't focus on just one side because I believe it's smarter to consider both and not one.

Looking at the good and bad sides of things helps me to see the full picture and I can make better decisions that way because I can make counter plans just in case something goes wrong. That's why my favorite quote is "hope for the best but expect the worst". So, here I am hoping for the best from this platform but at the same time having it in mind that things won't be as smooth as I think.

Thanks for reading 💖💖💖

Connect with me on:
Twitter: @kushyzeena
Readcash: @kushyzee

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