Hello Hive! Oshin at your service, my hive intro post!

I have been drafting my intro post for two days now. I wasn't really sure how to properly introduce myself to all of you. I have been reading my friends' blogs lately so I can get an idea. I also researched about the formatting since this will be the first blog I have ever made and hopefully the start of my long blog-journey ahead. I mentioned earlier that I've been reading my friends' blog. Yes, I do have real life friends and aquiantances here. First to that list is my onboarder, @nikkabomb , my bestfriend since college in the Department of Civil Engineering of Cebu Institute of Technology University from the Queen City of the South. My other friend is @gaillery who has always been a model student since highschool. She's a smart and kind-hearted person. And then there's this person whom I used to talked to in college and I am so happy to reconnect with her again here. Hi @indayclara.

So much of the pre-introduction, let's get started!

About me


People call me Oshin with the stress in the second syllable but some call me Kimberly. I am the eldest daughter and I only have one sibling. But our house is full - full of cats! I and the rest of my family are all cat lovers. And we actually own six cats plus one dog!


I am an engineer who's been working in the construction industry for almost four years now. I and @nikkabomb are working on the same site. It's just so wonderful to have your bestfriend by your side.

This is us now here on site.

This is us back in college during those "study out" moments where we end up just "eating out" LOL

I love singing and playing guitar. I have been introduced to music since I was a kid because of my father (by the way, he's a musician). I first tried to learn the piano but never got to improve on it so I switched to string instruments.

Apart from my passion in music, I find dancing quite interesting as well. Although I am a shy person and never really recorded myself dancing (not even on tiktok), I still enjoy practicing various kinds of dance.

I am a bit artsy. I found my way to engineering because I love sketching. However, in reality as an engineer, I haven't drawn on pencil for quite some time now as everything gets techier and techier.

Finally, one obvious fact about me is that I love food - almost anything! And now I just started preparing my own meals! Learning how to cook is my way of relieving stress. Do you agree with me on that?

What I'll be sharing


There's one thing I really want to share with you - my TTC journey.
I and my partner is trying to conceive a baby for two years now. It's so hard and I want to give awareness to everyone about PCOS. I want to share my every step with all of you and I want this community to witness my success SOON! I'll be sharing my other niches,too. I hope you'll tune in as I embark on this new chapter I just unraveled.


Kimberly Oshin, the author

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