My 2021 Hive Highlight

If you haven't seen there is a 2021 Hive highlight going on at the moment where we can all reflect on our happiest moment on Hive this year. Here's the link to the post for more details.




I've only been on Hive for just over a week, but since my first day on this platform, it has been great. Between everyone that I've met through the platform and just having a place where I can spread my wings and try out blogging, which I've never done before.

For the first couple of days, I was just reading, posting, talking with people, and discovering communities. As well as exploring everything else the Hive Ecosystem has to offer, ie. Games, 3speak and Vimm.

I had noticed in those first couple of days the odd contest show up and wasn't sure whether to join in. But, then the freewriters had a zapfiction50word contest. After reading the description I was intrigued by it, a 50-word story, no more, no less, and the prompt was generous. I thought about it and came up with a story.

I had my idea but, trying to condense it was very difficult I found, it was a fun kind of challenge though. I shared it and then a few days later the winners were announced and I got in the runners-up and was thrilled, the stories of the First, Second, and Third places were great so I was delighted for them. I was really happy to get a mention for my story.

Here's a link to the post.
The results of week 8 #ZapFic50Friday ("generous"): three winners, two runners up

So, I think so far that's been a big highlight for me. Since then I have entered a few other contests, over 3 communities, another in Freewriters, Photography Lovers, and Hive Gaming.

I'm enjoying my time on Hive, so much so that it has now become my go-to Social Media platform and I'm looking forward to spending more time getting to know everyone on the platform.

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