Blog #68: They Called Us The Inseparable

I remember it was July 12, 2008 where I felt anxious because it was my first day of my first job right after I graduated college. Though I was also with some of the new hired in the company but I could not deny the fact that I was intimidated because they have already equipped with enough knowledge of the job they were into.

After the orientation with my batchmates, the HR in-charge sent us to our designated area for the deployment. Well, I'll tell that the anxiety that I had felt that time gets worst.

Ok so as I was already in my assigned area I was introduced by my Manager to my colleagues. They introduced their selves as well. And that was a time I learned that one of my colleagues was just 2 weeks ahead of me in the company. Woooohh, I was definitely relieved.


Let's call her JB. She was a great friend, an irreplaceable one. Have you already met that kind of friend? Well, I was lucky that I was able to met her.

We haven't seen each other since the start of the pandemic. Since I really miss this dear friend of mine, I made a poem for our friendship.


My agony is yours too, how could I forget a friend like you.

You stood by me when I was down. You held my hand and whispered please be strong I don't want to see you when your down.

When I was down you gave me strength. You illuminated my life when it was filled with darkness.

When I was silent, you asked me why. How could I forget your sincere eyes.


Craziness we shared both me and you. People thought were prim and proper and serious too.

Sorrows and joy together we faced. Together we stand, together we fall and together we survived in life that full of fools.

Life is dreadful but we never scared. As long as we grasp tightly that's all we cared.

Our absence made our hearts frightened. How could we smile without each other's presence.


Happiness is we both seek. Simple things we really appreciated.

Trees and mountains you always wanted; mine is beaches, seas and sands.

Years had passed but we still held each other, we never change and we stick together.

People and season may change but our friendship will forever remain.


Even how many times our friendship had tested but it remains strong. Many years had passed, many trials had came, many people had tried to ruin but giving up with each other is a thing we can't do and will never do.

Building strong foundation of friendship takes time, needs honesty and patience and also needs extra care.


Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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