Was the Christmas dinner a crypto discussion or a HIVE discussion?

There is always a muth about how crypto is being spoken about around the Christmas table and because of this after Christmas there will be a Santa-rally.

Nice thoughts and all of that, but was this really the case on your table? would now be the moment to sell your bullish thoughts to the people around you without showing them an intense bullish chart?

Well, think about of that BTC was $26K last Christmas or so, seems pretty bullish to me. But in the light of the pandemic and people doing more from home. Why not show them the current Hive chart? That should bring them on board right?


Why not show the people around you how you create money out of writing a bit here and there. Why not show the people around you how you can create money from gaming a bit here and there.

You don't need a HIVE lifestyle to still have some nice profits from it here and there. You just need some dedication from a couple of months/years and a little of bit of vision. That is what you should tell the people around you for a bit.

But up until now, I haven't onboarded many people around me with that story. But why is that? I mean come on...When you see this chart, that is just a fantastic uptrend making a cup right there bouncing off of key support line right?


I have a good vibe about Hive for sure but also still believe in the bullrun, although it might be a bit extended this time and also the road towards the top also has a lot of bumps and gaps in there.

Will we still make it? Sure, we do. But for some reason I still don't like to talk about crypto in general or Hive to the people around me. It is still too abstract and not something I would promote to the people around me.

The top is in!

'Buy low, sell high' are the words which everyone knows, but the reality is that your psychology doesn't work this way. Your psychology will tell you that when an asset is low (buying moment) it might go lower. And your psychology will also tell you that when something is mooning that it will moon forever versus that you might take some profits and sell some of it.

That is why a couple of my friends seem like perfect top indicators. When they start talking about crypto again, this most likely means that the top is in because that is when they get interested again in it.


What I mean to say is talking about crypto is something that needs its momentum. When something is half dead, people will not see the potential of it...no matter how much you talk about it.

But when the momentum already mostly has passed. That is when people get interested. But this also took me a long time to realize (like years), so talking about crypto at the dinner table?

Choose your audience I would say!

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