The grass is always greener

'The grass is always greener on the other side' is a saying we all know very well. Meaning that wherever you look there is always something better or prettier or nicer than what you have, and this is something that makes some people in search of 'something' their whole lives.

Today the grass is always greener is literally about grass and making it green again. Because it is spring and that means taking care of some grass to get the moss out again which has grown tremendously from the lack of sun .


What you need to do once or even better twice a year is to aerate the grass, which is in general not the most attractive thing to do. For people who don't know what this is, with sharp knive you make holes into the ground to 'get the air back in' and also to pull out the moss which is too dense for the soil, making it impossible to get any sunlight but even more any air in there. Hence the aerate name.

But why this isn't attractive? For starters this is serious labour, as the moss is sometimes quite deeply attached to the soil. This means a lot of tucking and pulling to get the job done. Second of all, you would be surprised how much moss comes out of here, and how much 'green waste' this gives. Luckily we can put it back into nature but the weight of it all together is a lot. And last but certainly not last, the grass looks 10 times worse after you have aerated it. It looks like a bomb went off and a truck ran over it, and you wonder mostly if this will ever get better.

But it does. It always does.


This grass stuff isn't something that will only take a day. After pulling out too big of pieces it means that growing it back will take too much time so I also got some grass pieces that are pre grown. Yes they exist and honestly, they work perfectly. Just a couple of weeks of love and water and they are good to go again.

But for the rest of the grass it means fertilizing it again, throwing chalk on it for the PH level and planting new grass. As said, it looks like utter shit now, but this will be better soon. Which eventually is damn satisfying because you have made it yourself with some love.

Until you look over the fence and conclude that the grass of the neighbor is still greener...


But what you don't know is that mayeb a piece of the grass there is artificial. Or that he has spend 1000 of dollars on it, while you are doing a homesteading weekend hussle on it. You don;t know and quite frankly, you shouldn't care.

Because as said before: Why end up chasing the perfect grass your whole life, while you grass is perfect for you to chill on in summer time. Your grass doesn't exactly for you what you want it to do, and you don't need it to be showcased in the grass-magazine of the year. You don't need the perfect grass, so stop looking for it.

And I let nature do the rest...

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