A week full of social, I forgot how that was!

Kingsday in Holland, birthdays all around and good weather so all kinds of reasons for meetups around the city. Damn, that has been a long time ago, and I literally forgot how all of that worked. And...how exhausting it all was.

But in a good way I mean exhausting. As in...you get really tired from it, but end up really energized from all of the impressions that you got from the whole time.


People everywhere. Beers everywhere. Music everywhere. Orange everywhere. That is about how Kings day is celebrated in Holland. People end up on the streets, where mostly free of entrance music things are being organized by the cities. And more than often you will find some spontaneous party in the street somewhere organized by no one. But just...there is music, there is a cooler, so there are people. And everyone is welcome to join in.

For as long as I could remember Kings Day (fair enough, when our queen was still a queen it was called Queens day) was always a day to look forward to because there was always something to do and people would want to go outside.


Either this would be with families hitting the markets and selling some old stuff on the street (one of the only days where this is allowed in totally random places to sell your stuff like that without any sort of permit), or people would go and visit the place where the King would visit. This is always a bit of a formality, but on the other hand it is a good reason for the Royal House to present themselves. The Royal House just seems a bit...you know....out of the time and more like a celemonial function, and it should be like that if you ask me. Just ceremonial, and that is just fine.

But apart from that you will have the markets, the music festivals, and people just happy in general to go outside again and meet everyone ever such a long winter it seems.


But I heard a lot of people say that they weren't used to these sorts of crowds anymore. That amount of stuff to do, that amount of people around you, that amount of visual and audible stimulation. We don't know what it is like anymore. But what I do know is that I really liked it again, standing on the side and enjoying the company and running into random people again.

Weekends and holidays are starting to feel like they should again. Normal...I like it!

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